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Burma's problem with its Rohingya Muslims is a serious one, requiring international condemnation. The states of all countries should treat people with respect and dignity.
Unfortunately, our own country, Pakistan, which is the most vocal critic of Burma's mistreatment of the Muslims, does not itself ensure security and dignity for its own non-Muslims or even Muslims.
The small Christian and Hindu communities in our country are frequently attacked by Muslim mobs. Their houses are burned down. Their possessions stolen. They are charged with blasphemy and sentenced to death. The result is that many non-Muslims are now seeking asylum abroad.
The mosques and communities of Shia Muslims are bombed and attacked by jihadi organizations which our state still tolerates. And who can forget how our state treates Ahmedis?
In the eyes of the world, we too are Burma. Charity begins at home. So let us fix our own home first.
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