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Originally Posted by IslamabadKid View Post
If I am poor, unable to feed my children, but in society I want to maintain or even portray my graciousness and responsibleness, I would give away "a single penny" that I have at my disposal to all those people who are having difficult times out there by letting my children die. Is this what you are trying to suggest?
figures, figures,,,
bitter truths..
need of an hour "inside"..
Humans first, blah blah blah .
Originally Posted by Nazish Hina View Post

The simple answer is this:
If my sister in my home has typhoid and an unknown person somewhere has cancer (even if he belongs to my religion). Then I would go home and help my sister because she is my responsibility first of all.So first of all Pakistanis deserve our help and sympathy.
Metro for us...
No land of pure..
..should not send $ 5 million at all.
Very Logical views.
I have just few questions and something to share:
Wenever i meet Balochs and inquire for Balochistan Issue. One of funny answer i often get from them when i ask 'suppose you got independence and you don't know how gas is produced and other natural resources are gained then of what value these natural resources ? they reply "Hamara apna cheez hae chahe ham faida len ya nalen, dusre q khaen".
This is what i can see now.
Let i ask you some questions:
1.If you are such a hurtles person that before your eyes your son is dying but you are not feeding him instead of having your hands full of food then of what value that food is ? Same time you are giving very little of that food to another neighbor in agony. Yes it seems illogical and makes no sense but does it make any sense that both your son and other neighbor die ?
You said we can't save them with these few millions ! How non-sense is it ? Apply this on each of the states and tell me that which state remains to aid ? Pakistan said my $5m can't get them out of these sufferings, Too Turkey believed and all other states.
2.What if your sister suffering from Typhoid asks you to give her little treatment but a House having strong walls ?
3.How much your government issues for your own people and how much reach to them ? What if your own brother with whom you have sent treatment for your sister, is selling out those medicines ?
4.Tell me if 'Humanity first' then does this humanity only lies inside Pakistan boarder ? One hand you cry for Pakistanis and other hand you Slogan for Humanity ?
5. If you are more concerned about your own people then why don't you take streets when your government spends billions on defense instead of Health and Education ? Please don't take it individually. But see the majority singing of your Army. Surveys conclude Pakistan Nation is happy in the increase of expending on Defense.
Thus: If these $5m are not going to bring revolution in Rohingya Muslims then also this outly will not change anything in our side.
Myopic approach is that these $5m looks us our total GDP when intended to spend for across boarder Muslims.
Pakistan nation becomes very happy to buy WoMD but becomes very emotional when its government wishes to aid a penny.
And once again "Hum kaglay hain tu kia hoa dil wale (brave) hain; bhuke mar jayeingay, ghas khaenge per nuclear banaenge, f16 kharedenge, aur usi ego pe naaz karenge". How many protests have you participated against increasing defense budget ? Or you prefer to remain in arms market making your those own people deprived...

Originally Posted by Mehria View Post
Burma's problem ... Charity begins at home. So let us fix our own home first.
That is the main thing "Let us fix our own home".
The question is 'When we are going to begin this ?

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