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1. Cleopatra and Caeser... Shakespeare
2. Inflation.... unavailabiltiy of goods
3. Silkworm...
4. Indirect Tax is Sales tax
5. Fidel Castro was president of Cuba
6. LFO by Yahya in 1970
7. Operation Eagle in India against Sikhs
8. World War I 1914
9. World War II 1918
10. Lira Turkey
11. Croatsia Zagreb
12. Solovakia Europe
13. Charter of Medina Banu Awas and Banu Khazraj
14 G-15
15. Jinnah 14 Points
16. Muhammad Bin Qasim Ummayad dynasty
17. last khafah of Umayad dynasty was Mutasin Billah
18. Area wise Largest Muslim Country
19. Muhammad Ali Bogra was foreign minister in Ayub Govt
20. PM is Chief Exceutive in Constitution
21. NA Duration is 5 years
22. Lord Montouge was secretary of state
23. Suez Canal conflict in which PM Govt of Pak
24. Yousaf PBUH S/O Yaqoob PBUH
25. Hazrat Mikael... Rain and Protection
26. OIC Rabat
27. Operation Gibralter in Kashmir by Pak Army
28. In the line of Fire by Musharaff
29. Mohammadan related MCQ don't know
30. Israel Parliament Kenesset
31. Last Ghazwa Tabuk
32. Aparthied.... Racism related
33. 27 Rajab meraj Shareef
34. Cyprus under Ottomom(turkish dynasty)
35.Muhammad Bin Qasim Nephew of Hujjaj bin Yousaf
36. Largest Island... Australia
37. Zia Operation Fair Play against Bhutto Govt
38. Makki Surahs are 86
39. Baath Party belongs to Iraq
40. 1st Mughal Emperor Zaheerudin Babar
41. Liberty Statue from France
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