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If you are such a hurtles person that before your eyes your son is dying but you are not feeding him instead of having your hands full of food
What is hurtles? And b) Our hands are not full of food. That's what we have been telling you from the start and you aren't getting it. and you never will. So this is last argument I am willing to make.

Same time you are giving very little of that food to another neighbor in agony. Yes it seems illogical and makes no sense but does it make any sense that both your son and other neighbor die ?
I would wait for the son to die. But the son isn't dead so we will have to help Our Rohingyas(Pakistani people) first. Like it or not.
You said we can't save them with these few millions ! How non-sense is it ? Apply this on each of the states and tell me that which state remains to aid ? Pakistan said my $5m can't get them out of these sufferings, Too Turkey believed and all other states.
I said we can't give them FOOD AND SHELTER with 5 million.
What if your sister suffering from Typhoid asks you to give her little treatment but a House having strong walls ?
Now why would she do that? The typhoid must be getting to her brain.

3.How much your government issues for your own people and how much reach to them ? What if your own brother with whom you have sent treatment for your sister, is selling out those medicines ?
The issue is to send medicines. I would not say ,"hey you are not giving her medicines. How about you give it my neighbor"?WHAT!!!
If you are more concerned about your own people then why don't you take streets when your government spends billions on defense instead of Health and Education ?
Taking streets is for those who don't have better ways.The logical thing would be to help people and not take streets. We are CSS aspirants and plan to change the policy and help others
But see the majority singing of your Army. Surveys conclude Pakistan Nation is happy in the increase of expending on Defense.Pakistan nation becomes very happy to buy WoMD but becomes very emotional when its government wishes to aid a penny.
And we don't need to defend ourselves at all? It's not about WMOs and you know that. Our army is fighting a war on the front. maybe you've heard about zarb-e-azb??
Or you prefer to remain in arms market making your those own people deprived...
Pakistan is not in arms market.Hence, your sentence is incoherent. And now you are suddenly very concerned about our people
How many protests have you participated against increasing defense budget ?
How many protests have you participated in to support Rohingya Muslims??
And none of us mentioned army so please stop asking us to protest against defense budget. we need that. Army isn't leisurely sitting and then getting up and buying weapons. I don't agree with Pakistan's budget strategy but for the time being we have no option

That is the main thing "Let us fix our own home".
The question is 'When we are going to begin this ?
Does this mean that you've agreed with us??

Please don't take it individually
Kinda hard to do that since you've added blah blah at the end of the posts.Why should we even participate in the debate with you. If all you are seeing is blah blah. And we have to cope with your rusty gramamar
This is the last time I am debating this issue. I am through with it. The posts are looking ugly and long. I hate that
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