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Post Rohingya

i wish we could debate instead of arguing.
We must not get stuck on our views all the time.
This is what you have said in one of your previous posts, yet you are "stuck" on your own views. Furthermore, you should learn how to quote others' views; amending something in any of post loses the "right" to be called a quote. Moreover, learn to digest the views that you find antonymous to yours. Why am I saying so? The answer to that lies in your own last post where you are quoting others by adding "BLAH BLAH BLAH" at the end,which is kind of an abuse to quotation and is showing that you want to hear what your ears want to listen.

(Fun fact) Did you know: The word "Barbarian" was first coined by Greeks, who used to consider others' language sounds like BAR BAR BAR. *sigh* Their arrogance was unmistakable.

Anyway, back to the subject-matter;

Wenever i meet Balochs and inquire for Balochistan Issue. One of funny answer i often get from them when i ask 'suppose you got independence and you don't know how gas is produced and other natural resources are gained then of what value these natural resources ? they reply "Hamara apna cheez hae chahe ham faida len ya nalen, dusre q khaen".
You got it in a funny way! Perhaps you have distorted the real facts, or perhaps whom you met and inquired for Balochistan issue must be a typical, aggressive national of south Asia in general and Pakistan in particular.

What one person says does not mean that s/he represents the whole community's narrative.

I do not want to initiate the whole new topic on Balochistan; however, let me sum the long story up by saying that they want their due rights.

Tell me if 'Humanity first' then does this humanity only lies inside Pakistan boarder ? One hand you cry for Pakistanis and other hand you Slogan for Humanity?
Humanity lies in Africa, in Kashmir, in Palestine and chain goes on and on and on. The point was specifically about the non-Muslims living in Pakistan. Do not cherry-pick a sentence or two for generalisation! Read my post again!

Rest, consult to Ma'am Nazish's last post.

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