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Its really good to distinguish between what is right and wrong. On Individual scale, we can move on with the stance we consider it to be the right one. But on collective level; one ought to choose what is possible as well. Cause if we exert all our energies on arguing then we would not be able to be on our destination on time or we may never get our goal. So helping Brethren Muslims is always welcomed as we, Pakistan, is the only Muslim country created on ideology basis. And our objective Resolution is all round about Islamic Ideology and safeguard of Muslims.
But being focusing on Pakistan's economy we cannot allocate much funds for Rohingya Muslims but we should contribute some definitely. As an responsible citizen of Pakistan, we all raise our voices on injustice within Pakistan territory but we should not neglect that we are Muslim Ummah as well. And we are like a body, if pain in one part of your body then your whole body would be in pain. The only thing is to realize and to feel the pain of your Muslim brethrens but at the same time there should be a balance in your emotional threshold and in devising a policy for the welfare of the Muslim Ummah in general and Pakistani masses in specific. verily we cannot hide on the grounds on financial crunch in our economy. Financial assistance is not everything; we can also contribute our morale assistance as well. As it is evident from the ebbs of the history. Pakistan has always supported Muslims on any part of the world whether it is Kashmir, or Palestine. So we should raise our voice on international forums, social network and within our own institutions as well.
why you guys are duly focusing on financial aid only. There are other ways out as well. And above all, we really need to upgrade our own economy by displacing all our honest energies. we need to be at that position where we would be no more beggers cause beggers cannot be chooser. Reliance of your economy on external debt makes the economy vulnerable. But as history depicts, Pakistan always contributed a little financial or military aid for the support of its muslim brethren. So it should pay some penny as well for their rehabiliation. These small pennies always work for the vulnerable masses. small chunks altogather makes a pool. Thing is if you are from a poor family and you earn 13k per month, even then being a muslim ummah you can contribute mere 10rupees for anybody help. If per household, these savings can be made for the vulnerable segment of the society then a pool can be made. And rich housholds may contribute more. There is nothing impossible; thing is to go what is possible on the macro level. Otherwise if you are president of the country you may take any decision , you may hold with it but then opposition will not make you to go on with it. And all the energies will be exerted to convince them. And even then u will not be able to do that task on time.
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