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Originally Posted by asghazi View Post
Salams everyone. I want to get opinion about switching my job from an autonomous body's 17 grade post to Cabinet Division, Islamabad, for a permanent technical position with grade 17.

The folks who really know about Public sector, should know the difference of perks and privileges. At autonomous body, we have special allowances and higher pay, with private hospitals on panel, promotion potential and financial facilities like loans. There is no residential facility and age relaxation for government jobs in autonomous body employees.

What you suggest please?
Originally Posted by asghazi View Post
Dear I'm not comparing Private to Gov., rather Semi-Government to Pure Government. Like Comparing jobs in PIA, CAA, PTA to jobs Cabinet Division, FBR etc.
Originally Posted by asghazi View Post
Yes, it is Pensionable.
Job in an autonomous body like PIA, CAA, PTA etc is better than in a pure government like cabinet division.
1. better pay package
2. better promotions
3. better medical facilities.
4. other facilities such as conveyance etc.
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