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I liked the suggestion about replacing "Computer sciences" with "International Relations". But in my current state, I have no idea even about the meaning of International relations. This means I have to take a start from "Zero".
Generally, I am good with subjects where one is not supposed to remember the hard facts and figures, but only ideas. This is why I hate history and literature. So my preference would be to avoid subjects related to history and literature as much as possible.
"Anam Akram", can you tell me more about "International Relations"? Or can you share some resources that can give me an overall introduction of the subject?

If I choose to opt for International relations, then the possible combinations for me are:

Replace Computer sciences with IR
  • International Relations (200)
  • Psychology (100)
  • Chemistry (200)
  • Gender studies (100)

Take Environmental sciences instead of Gender studies
  • International relations
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental sciences

Leave out chemistry (which is totally unrelated to the rest of the subjects) and opt for International law + Town planning
  • International relations
  • Psychology
  • International law
  • Town planning
  • Environmental sciences
Which combination would be better ??
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