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I am a doctor too, appeared in CE-2015. I would suggest that you reconsider your choice of "Chemistry". Take a detailed look at its syllabus and past papers, you will know why I am asking you to reconsider. These science subjects (Chem., Physics etc), even if you manage to cover them, are a headache when it comes to revision. And the marks they fetch (i.e. 'scoring trend') is not worth the effort they demand.

Secondly, do not let this "I don't know anything about it" thought influence your subject selection. Simply go for those subjects that are scoring. Trust me when I say this: nothing is difficult for a medical graduate once he/she has decided to study. I would suggest you choose from the following:-

IR/Pol. Science (whatever floats your boat; see the syllabi of both and choose that which is more appealing)
Int. Law (complements Int. Relations and C.A.)
Psychology (easy to understand given your medical background)
U.S./Euro History (whatever you like; I suggest U.S History because it will consume lesser time)
Punjabi (evergreen, easy to score)
Zoology (40% of the syllabus overlaps with your background directly or indirectly)
Gender Studies (if you find it better than Zoology; personally I would choose Zoology over it)

-->If you find neither I.R nor Pol. Science doable, then I would suggest Computer Science over Chemistry.
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