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Originally Posted by ximon View Post
aoa all members,
im a medical student n just completed my degree. now going for css. kindly guide me coz everybdy saying that time is short n i'll not be able to do much.
but i really wana attempt, guide me how to cope with it, how much time is needed per day for me. the subjects i hv chosen are IR , international law , sociology, hx of indo-pak , and im cnfused about 5th one, what to chose?
your selection is quite fine..... instead of indo pak go for history of USA and public addand gender studeis or for zoology and in replacement of sociology go for journalism if easy for you n your taste.....further is your call you have both ways to go...... n prepare for last ten years css papers thoroughly...
0ne day I'll be at the place........ I always wanted to be...... InshAllah....
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