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I attempted this essay. Here goes my outline

I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say
1. Thesis Statement:
• In order to create a peaceful world, we must pay respect to the difference of opinion
2. Executive Summary of the essay
3. Significance of the issue
• Importance of one’s right to say in today’s world of intolerance.
4. What is right to say?
• Right to say as a freedom of speech
• Right to say as a basic human right
• Islamic injunctions
• UN Charter of human rights and right to say
5. Significance of protecting others’ right to say
• Secure others’ rights and get your rights secured
• Mandatory to achieve co existence
• Examples from past
i. Orthodox Church
ii. Arab before Islam
6. Problems due to insecurity of the right to say
• Clash of civilizations
• Frustration
• Terrorism
7. Policy Recommendation
• Difference of opinion must be respected in order to achieve peace
• Psychological Aspect
8. Limitation of Right to say
• Freedom of speech and Hate Speech
9. Conclusion
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