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Originally Posted by saadiii View Post
I attempted this essay. Here goes my outline

I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say
1.Thesis Statement:
•In order to create a peaceful world, we must pay respect to the difference of opinion
2.Executive Summary of the essay
3.Significance of the issue
•Importance of one’s right to say in today’s world of intolerance.
4.What is right to say?
•Right to say as a freedom of speech
•Right to say as a basic human right
•Islamic injunctions
•UN Charter of human rights and right to say
5.Significance of protecting others’ right to say
•Secure others’ rights and get your rights secured
•Mandatory to achieve co existence
•Examples from past
i.Orthodox Church
ii.Arab before Islam
6.Problems due to insecurity of the right to say
•Clash of civilizations
7.Policy Recommendation
•Difference of opinion must be respected in order to achieve peace
•Psychological Aspect
8.Limitation of Right to say
•Freedom of speech and Hate Speech
Beautifully crafted outline

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