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Default FIA Job description ???

AOA respected seniors. aspirants and currently serving csps. Well the thing is i asked a query regarding the job nature of FIA ( AD and Inspector) at the FIA section of intelligence agencies jobs. but no one gave any fruitful comment or answer. so I have some queries that need some answering
1) Does FIA resembles FBI or scotland yard ?
2) The work nature of ADs and Inspectors? (Work environment, uniforms, weapons etc)
3) What about their jurisdiction? Do they have actual authority on the cases assigned to them or other dept try to interfere?
4) Do they conducted investigations only or actually do some raids and stuff?
5) Lastly do they have the authority to take over cases from the provisional LEA?
I have gone through their website but need some inside info regarding the working and all. o anyone who can give me the Info.
ps: If there is a thread related to work nature of FIA do direct me there
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