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  1. Name:Mariya Masood
  2. Nick Name:mada
  3. Qualification:BSc psychology
  4. Date of Birth:11th june 1987
  5. Aim in life:ARSH tak jana hai
  6. Hobby: sleeping,nagging and dancing
  7. You Hate: back bitters & plotters
  8. You Trust:Allah
  9. You Fear:lonliness
  10. Favourite Book:Maddy
  11. Favourite Place:Makkah & mauratius
  12. Favourite Relation: love
  13. Favourite Dress: which ever I wear
  14. Favourite Politician:Musharaff
  15. Favourite Dish:which ever ma mum cooks
  16. Favourite Colour: white
  17. Favourite Hero:My dad
  18. Favourite Heroine:.......
  19. Favourite Singer (Male):Bob dylan
  20. Favourite Singer (Female):Lata
  21. Favourite time in 24 hours:sunrise
  22. Favourite weather: rainy
  23. Favourite Subject: emotion
  24. Define life in three words:lovely,mysterious & active
  25. Your three wishes: Allah knows coz only He can fullfill
  26. Your Ideal Moderator, Why? Qrutulain(coz i like her)
  27. Your Ideal Member, Why?Tauqeer Kurd
  28. Which thing attracts you in cssforum? activity
  29. If you were President of Pakistan:I'ld hate to,wld never be 1
  30. Your Ideal Personality:My Grand dad
  31. What can you do for Pakistan? give my life in its name(what else?)
  32. How you express your success? by offering salt-e-shuker and then rejoicing it with ma beloveds!
  33. If you face G.W.Bush, your reaction:yucks! I hate this kinnda skin
  34. If you met Prevez Musharaf: Salam aly kum!
  35. Do you love someone?yes indeed
  36. Are you talkative?yeah!
  37. You pray every time: no!
  38. Say something about yourself in a paragraph:hmmm! im an unpredictable sort of girl,sub expect kuch kr rahay hotay hain ar karti kuch or hun...hahh! donno if weakness or strength of ma personality...ghusa bht jaldi ata hai but ma teacher had taught me how to tackle it(thank u sir) kiya kahu abi tou aisa mood hai k saray negative aspects hi samnay aien gay....huhh! n u all ll start disliking me...hehe
****This p*A*th can debauch me but Pakistan is my *R*espon*S*bi*L*ity *A*nd Allah is helpi*N*g me so.... B'ISMILLAH AL REHMAN AL RAHEEM.****

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. When I have your hands in mine nothing can debilate me.
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