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1.Name: Naveed Hassan
2.Nick Name: Nido
3.Qualification: BA
4.Date of Birth: Nov, 27.
5.Aim in life: Self Actualization
6.Hobby: Net, cricket, riding, book-reading, eating, sleeping.
07.You Hate: all those who don’t like me.
08.Your Trust: Allah Mian
09.You Fear: is of Death.
10.Favourite Book: a lot of. Kuch khass yaad nhin.
11.Favourite Place: My village, distt sargodha.
12.Favourite Relation: Friendship,,,its true for all the relations sincerely close to us.
13.Favourite Dress: mood aur occasion per depend kerta hai,,,,,
14.Favourite Politician: Jinnah
15.Favourite Dish: all types of rice
16.Favourite Colour Dark Green
17.Favourite Hero: Keanu reeves, minoj kumar.
18.Favourite Heroine: Sandra bullock,
19.Favourite Singer (Male): Rafi, Enrique , kailasa .
20.Favourite Singer (Female): nayyara noor, lata jii,
21.Favourite time in 24 hours: morning.
22.Favourite weather: Winters rain.
23.Favourite Subject: nothing special.
24.Define life in three words: “unity faith discipline”, OR “I love you”,
Ya phir “pyar, ishq aur mohabbat”; and da list goes on
25.Your three wishes 1. my God be happy wid me ,,,2. So be my parents 3. loving and caring life partner …….
26.Your Ideal Moderator, Why? last island ,Qurat , Suresh.,, rest all are also a class apart.
27.Your Ideal Member, Why? Adnan bhai, and why? It’s a stupid Q , I think. Cos every member knows Y!
28.Which thing attracts you in cssforum? It’s a cosmopolitan, with no prejudice of race, ethnicity, sect and religion,,,,or for that matter an ideal mini Pakistan, and if only our country s also like that!
29.What can you do for Pakistan? I can sacrifice my life for it, without joking!
30.How you express your success? Wateva; all due to God Almighty’s help and my parents’ prayers.
31.If you face G.W.Bush, your reaction: will send him to Gitmo bay.
32.Do you love someone? no.
33.Are you talkative? No
37.You pray every time: that I don’t miss next obligatory prayer,,,this practice has brought tranquility, peace and calmness in my life.
38.Say something about yourself in a paragraph: passion turbulence , but always lived on unborrowed sufficiency and on my own. its been a roller coaster ride between stakes and privileges, nd been really a tough ask to strike a balance between da 2 . Quite often been in the middle of nowhere raveled amidst the plethora of passionless pursuits, yet The 1 n Da Almighty never abandoned me betwixt the unfathomable chasms of hopelessness, dejection and depression. Still don’t know where m heading yet sure about one thing as ever: Zindagi aur maut & izat aur zilat, sab Khuda keh haath mein hota hei, we can’t do much about it!

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