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1. Name: Wahab Hussain
2. Nick Name: N/A
3. Qualification:
1. (BS) Computer Engineering (SSUET)
2. Enrolled in MS Computer Engineering (NED)
4. Date of Birth: 27 February 1984
5. Aim in life: To be a true Muslim
6. Hobby: Watching TV, reading quotes, self inspirational books, Playing video games
7. You Hate: None (Life is too short to have time for love so how can one find time for hatred.)
8. You Trust: Allah
9. You Fear: None (Everything is written in LOOH-e-Mehfooz and it’s going to happen one day. So trust Allah and pray and keep asking you well wishes from HIM.)
10. Favourite Book: So many (Like to read Dale carneigie’s Book)
11. Favourite Place: My Home
12. Favourite Relation: Parent-Child
13. Favourite Dress: Pant-Shirt
14. Favourite Politician: The one who act in the favour of people.
15. Favourite Dish: Daal chawal.
16. Favourite Colour: Sky Blue, Black
17. Favourite Hero: The one which I see everyday in Mirror. (lol)
18. Favourite Heroine: The one deem fit with the above one (lol again)
19. Favourite Singer (Male): Not a particular one. Any soothing voice.
20. Favourite Singer (Female): same as above.
21. Favourite time in 24 hours: when ever got time for Sleep
22. Favourite weather: Moderate
23. Favourite Subject: IT related
24. Define life in three words: Key to Heaven/Hell
25. Your three wishes Hazaroon kohaisan aisay .....……….
26. Your Ideal Moderator, Why? Everyone is contributing nice. They all are superb. My post sometime disappears without any notification (lol)
27. Your Ideal Member, Why? Everyone is good here.
28. Which thing attracts you in cssforum? Commitment of all people in the forum.
29. If you were President of Pakistan: Impose Islamic law.
30. Your Ideal Personality: Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W)
31. What can you do for Pakistan? 1)Try to be a good human 2)Try to be a good Muslim 3) Try to be a good Pakistani
32. How you express your success? I share it with my parents.
33. If you face G.W.Bush, your reaction: I will try to highlight about Islam and will ask him to read Holy Quran once with English Translation.
34. If you met Prevez Musharaf: Tell him to impose Islamic law and then there will be no issue for ADLEYA.
35. Do you love someone? My Parents.
36. Are you talkative? No
37. You pray every time: I try to
38. Say something about yourself in a paragraph: A normal person having a normal routine of live. Home--office--home. Wish to contribute towards Islam in life to help coming generations.

I observed ziakhan thanking each user after he posted his information, but in actual I am thankful to you for bring an innovative idea. That will help us know each other and also help us acquiring the good habits of other.

Thankyou ziakhan
I could have simply clicked thanks button, but that wouldn't fulfill the true spirit of thanks

Wahab Hussain

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