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Originally Posted by sagaciou View Post
i called SBP main office Karachi and was told that Master degree holders are not eligible..later on i came to know that many Masters were allowed to appear before the Panel...lets see what happens next
I think it would depend upon number of graduates to be selected. If they are not enough then Masters would be thought eligible.....

Originally Posted by Sarah Yasir View Post
karachi walon se interview just 7-8min ka hoa tha har candidate se they were asking very few question.
it means they wont hire?
aisa kuch nahi hai sbp knows k kis ko select karna hai and kis ko reject.
I am not saying that each time, it is so....
But interview in prolonged automatically if everything is going in the right direction..
Questions, Answers, Counter Question and answers, Counter Questions and answers takes a long time during interview.......
If you say sorry or give wrong answers for the first 4-5 questions, they straight away say "Thanks gentleman"

Originally Posted by leon22 View Post
It doesn't mean so... because karachi mein sab k interview hardly 8 to 10 minutes hue thy but islamabad mein same panel ne 15 to 20 minutes per candidate interview conduct kiye hain

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But that was not for all,
They also took 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes or somewhat else.
Time per candidate was different in each case, but the person with short interview were seem desperate.
Don't know Why?

Originally Posted by Vampirerulz View Post
They rejected my application because of masters...

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It would be rejected by IBP.?

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