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Originally Posted by Azad67 View Post
Mir naseer khan was a baruhi,not baloch and kalat was not independent kingdom but vassal of Hotaks, afsharids and durranis.

This detail of treaty , that is circulated by baloch ultra-nationalists and separatists, is fake. Ahmad shah abdali was a kind man , with wishdom with humanity, he spared the life of rebel chief of kalat and allowed him to retain kalat. If it was some other king, he would have beheaded the rebel chief of his vassal state
Come on.. who said Brahuvis are not baloch. Come to balochistan or may be Sistan(Iran) to ask a Brahuvi and even if a single Brahuvi says that i am not a baloch... I, myself a brahuvi speaking baloch. If we take your interpretation of history than of course Afghansiatan was also ruled by Turks, Mangols, Persians i,e Babur etc. Does it mean Afghanistan was never ruled by Afghans? Lol
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