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Default Headmistress Paper29-11-2015 time 2 t0 4 pm

1) Appreciating a picture in effective domain? Valuing
2) PC-1 deals with? A) Salaries of teachers B) recruitment of teachers C) etc.
3) PEC conducts examination for? 5& 8 class
4) DPIs are commended in which policy? A) Meculy B) hunter C) etc.
5) Islamization is emphasized in which policy? 1979
6) Segmud frued presented theory of? Psychoanalysis
7) Who is the humanist? Meslow
8) Reward and punishment is recommended by? A) Ibn khaldoon B) Al ghazali
9) According to Hilda Tiba curriculum should be developed by? Teachers
10) AIOU recommended in which policy?1972
11) Optimal utilization of resources? A)planning B) administration)management
12) Authoritative leadership focuses on? A) achievement B) discipline
13) Pestalozi definition of education.
14) Al-Ghazali definition of education
15) Ideas are of curriculum are derived from? Philosophy
16) Ideology of education is based upon? Philosophy
17) Luther Gulick coined the word? POSDCORB
18) For inspection of the school which book used? Log book
19) Important book in financial year of school? Cash book
20) Phases of SOLO taxonomy? 5
21) Founder of Idealism? Aristotle
22) Medium of instruction at primary levelin Pakistan? Urdu and provincial language
23) KG founded by? Forebel
24) Teacher development mean? Teacher training
25) To avoid guessing in standardized test? Completion item
26) Most commonly used standardized test? MCQs
27) Drawings, real people, models are? Visual aids
28) John Dewy favored? Project method
29) How we can check the performance of curriculum? Learning outcomes
30) Job is compensated through? A) job specification B) job worth C) job analysis
31) Preplanning does not work in? activity method
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