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1) Hania and Joanna are as different as and cheese?

b) chalk

2) My father wants me to study law, but I have made up my to become an archaeologist, instead

d) mind

3) If something frightens you it gives you the .

c) willies

4) You haven't been studying much recently and you'd better if you want to pass the Cambridge CPE exam

c) pull your socks up

5) Magda was after she heard that she had won a televison in a competition.

b) on cloud nine

6) Donna after her husband left her for a younger woman.

c) took to the bottle

7) Don't throw that old FCE testbook away. It will in handy when your sister is studying for the college entry examination.

c) come

8) Simon was given the cold by the other teachers after informing the newspapers about widespread corruption at the college.

b) shoulder

9) Wild boar haven't been seen in this of the woods for about ten years because of overhunting in the past.

c) neck

10) Charles has been in Kamila's since he called her a fat slag.

b) bad books

11) The school director's resignation came like a bolt from the . Nobody had expected it.

d) blue

12) Marcin's father wasn't happy to find his son drunk on the bathroom floor with a bottle of Vodka beside him.

a) blind

13) The President is very old. He's as old as the .

d) hills

14) The Skwierzyna football team never win. So I wouldn't put my on them if I were you. You'll only lose it!

d) hat

15) If you tell Maria there's a surprise English test today, you won't see her for .

a) dust

16) Neil is famous for making up the most incredible stories, so you'd better take them with a pinch of .

c) salt

17) If you you work very hard

c) work your fingers to the bone

18) It took me several seconds to grasp the meaning of her statement but finally the dropped.

a) penny

19) Jarek is the best swimmer in the water polo team. He can spots off everyone else

b) knock

20) Magda has never turned her on her family and offers help whenever they need it.

c) back

21) The jacket fits like a ...... but the sleeve has a hole in it

d) glove

22) Joanna will never forgive you for letting the . It was meant to be a secret!

b) cat out of the bag

23) John's mean down in the since his girlfriend ditched him for his best friend.

c) heels

24) Ever since Hania told him she was pregnant, Christopher has been himself with worry.

b) beside

25) I was knocked for when Kate told me she had passed her driving test.

d) six

26) A past experience you cannot change is under the bridge.

c) a boat

27) Somebody who is foolish or stupid is .

c) over the moon

28) Mr Jones gave us about losing our match against Gorzow.

c) stick

29) The children are really getting in my . Tell them to go and play outside.

b) nerves

30) Angela will in front of her boss to get a pay rise.

d) wine and dine

31) Mrs Raven isn't capable of controlling the class. She is so timid she wouldn't say .

c) boo to a goose

32) Kate Moss looks like . She's far too skinny!

b) a bag of bones

33) Some of the boys in the class used to take the out of Alfie's speech impediment.

c) cackle

34) If something true it sounds true.

a) rings

35) I was ....... off with some rotten apples at the corner shop.

b) handed

36) To fun at someone is to laugh rudely at them.

d) poke

37) If the police find out it was us who smashed up the telephone box, we'll be in .

a) hot water

38) It's easy to get a place at the local College of English. They accept all and .

c) sundry

39) Bill is a of habit. Every Sunday he goes for a swim in the river.

c) creature

40) The local Tesco hypermarket has been losing a lot of stock. It's high time they took a tough with shoplifters.

a) measure

41) I'm looking for a new place to live. My flat doesn't have enough space to swing a cat.

b) cat

42) My neighbour is almost 50 but wears very short skirts, and low-cut tops. She looks like .

b) mutton dressed as lamb

43) If you draw a over something unpleasant, you try to forget something and avoid the subject.

d) veil

44) Robin Hood was a at archery. He always hit the target.

d) fine hand

45) Why do our students alway cheat in tests? I don't know, I haven't the .

b) foggiest idea

46) Marta looks great! She's really dressed to .

b) kill

47) If you hide your under a bushel, you are too modest to boast about your skills.

c) light

48) You can shout until you're in the face but she won't hear you. She's as deaf as a post.

a) blue

49) The decision has already been taken, so there's no point in your .

a) giving a tickle

50) She would have failed the practical exam by a long way, but the school decided to the rules so that she passed.

b) twist
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