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Exclamation Gerund and Infinitive!

Gerund: The easiest definition can be as follows.
" Ing " form of the verb is called the gerund.
Infinitive: First form of the verb without s,es,ies and ing is called infinitive.
It has further more kinds, i will be having a brief introduction of them someother time.
Try to solve the exercise.

I remember _____ Simon at the Max Planck Institute.
a. meet
b. to meet
c. meeting
d. to meeting

Did you remember _____ the letter?
a. post
b. to post
c. posting
d. to posting

I'm not used _____ up this early.
a. get
b. to get
c. getting
d. to getting

I used _____ to the pub a lot.
a. go
b. to go
c. going
d. to going

I regret _____ Magda about my new girlfriend.
a. tell
b. to tell
c. telling
d. to telling

Mrs Jarmołowicz, I regret _____ you that your credit limit has been exceeded.
a. inform
b. to inform
c. informing
d. to informing

Stop _____ this dreadful noise at once!
a. make
b. to make
c. making
d. to making

I wanted to stop _____ some pirate CDs, but we didn't have enough time.
a. to
b. to buy
c. buying
d. to buying

Look, it's starting _____ .
a. rain
b. to rain
c. raining
d. to raining

I started _____ English when I was twenty-one.
a. learn
b. to learn
c. learning
d. to learning

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