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Thumbs up Precise Words




1. Word : caress
Meaning : To touch someone gently and lovingly.
Sample sentence : She caressed the horseís neck.
2. Word : fumble
Meaning : to feel about clumsily
Sample sentence : She fumbled about in her bag for key.
3. Word : Tap
Meaning : a quick touch
Sample sentence : He tapped at the window.
4. Word : Pinch
Meaning : To squeeze someoneís flesh tightly between your thumb and forefinger.
Sample sentence : Her mother pinched her arm.
5. Word : Feel
Meaning : to become aware of something through touch
Sample sentence : Can you feel the bump on my head?
6. Word : Pat
Meaning : To strike gentle with your hand
Sample sentence : He patted the horseís neck.
7. Word : Stroke
Meaning : to keep rubbing gently in one direction
Sample sentence : She stroked her daughterís hair.
8. Word : Grope
Meaning : To search by feeling with your hands
Sample sentence : He groped for the door


1. Word : Glare
Meaning : to look angrily
Sample sentence : She glared at the cheeky boy.
2. Word : View
Meaning : to look at something
Sample sentence : She viewed at the scene with astonishment.
3. Word : Skim
Meaning : To move lightly and quickly over a surface
Sample sentence : The bird skimmed across the water.
4. Word : wink
Meaning : To shut and open an eye quickly in friendly greeting
Sample sentence : Sarah winked at me as she said that she hadnít bought her present yet.
5. Word : Observe
Meaning : to notice
Sample sentence : I observed her unhappy face.
6. Word : Stare
Meaning : to look hard for a long time
Sample sentence : They stared at her strange clothes in amazement.
7. Word : squint
Meaning : to look through half-closed eyes
Sample sentence : She squinted in the sudden bright light.
8. Word : Scan
Meaning : To examine carefully
Sample sentence : He scanned the horizon for any sign of a ship.


1. Word : Eavesdrop
Meaning : to listen secretly to other people talking
Sample sentence : They caught her eavesdropping on their conversation.
2. Word : Perceive
Meaning : to notice or realize
Sample sentence : Scientists failed to perceive how dangerous the level of pollution had become
3. Word : Listen
Meaning : to pay attention to in order to hear
Sample sentence : Now, please listen carefully to what I have to say
4. Word : Heed
Meaning : to pay attention to advice
Sample sentence : You should take heed of your doctorís advice


1. Word : Inhale
Meaning : to breathe in
Sample sentence : Be careful not to inhale the fumes from the paint
2. Word : Stench
Meaning : a very unpleasant smell
Sample sentence : The stench of burning rubber was overpowering
3. Word : Sniff
Meaning : To smell something by sniffing
Sample sentence : The police used dogs to sniff out the explosives
4. Word : whiff
Meaning : a particular smell, you smell it only slightly or only for a brief period of time
Sample sentence : He caught a whiff of her perfume.


1. Word : Sip.
Meaning : Taking only every small amount of liquid into your into your mouth at a time.
Sample sentence : We sat under the hot sun, sipping lemonade.
2. Word : Taste.
Meaning : Having a taste that is not sweet.
Sample sentence : We savour every mouthful of her delicious cooking.
3. Word : Sample.
Meaning : When you take or try a small part of it to find out what it is like.
Sample sentence : You are welcomed to sample any of our wines before making a purchase.
4. Word : relish
Meaning : To enjoy something or to look forward to something
Sample sentence : I donít relish the prospect of getting up early tomorrow.
5. Word : Savour
Meaning : to eat or drink something in order to taste its full flavour and to enjoy it properly
Sample sentence : Andrew savours the flavour of each mouthful and chews his food well.
6. Word : Nibble
Meaning : To eat food by biting very small pieces of it, for example because you are not very hungry.
Sample sentence : Pierre started to nibble his biscuits.


1. Word : chuckle
Meaning : quiet laugh with closed mouth
Sample sentence : Amiezul was chuckling to himself.
2. Word : sigh
Meaning : To release a long deep breath, especially as a sign of sadness, longing or relief
Sample sentence : Anne sighed as she lay on the sofa for a while.
3. Word : howl
Meaning : To make such a long loud cry
Sample sentence : The wind howled through the trees.
4. Word : sob
Meaning : Using the breath sharply and irregularly while crying.
Sample sentence : She sobbed out the story of her sonís death in the car crash.
5. Word : Cry
Meaning : to let tears come from your eyes
Sample sentence : the boy cried because he was very sad
6. Word : Laugh
Meaning : to make a sound that shows you are happy
Sample sentence : we laughed at the funny film
7. Word : Scream
Meaning : to shout or cry very loudly
Sample sentence : He screamed with laughter
8. Word : Growl
Meaning : To make a deep rough sound in a throat, showing anger.
Sample sentence : Mr. Limís dog growled angrily at the stranger.
9. Word : Groan
Meaning : to make a deep sound in the back of your throat, expressing pain or disapproval
Sample sentence : The teacher groaned with dismay.
10. Word : moan
Meaning : to give a low cry of grief, pain
Sample sentence : The wounded soldier moaned in the middle of the night.
11. Word : Giggle
Meaning : to laugh in a silly way
Sample sentence : They couldnít stop giggling at the joke
12. Word : Yell
Meaning : A loud, shrill cry; a scream
Sample sentence : he yelled at her to be careful
13. Word : Wail
Meaning : to cry loudly, to make a long sound like a cry
Sample sentence : the little boy was wailing over his broken toy
14. Word : Shout
Meaning : A loud cry; a call
Sample sentence : He shouted the message across the river.
15. Word : Sob
Meaning : To cry in a noisy way and breathe in short breaths
Sample sentence : She began to sob again, burying her face in the pillow.


1. Word : Yell
Meaning : To scream
Sample sentence : Stop yelling, canít you!
2. Word : Utter
Meaning : Make sounds with the mouth
Sample sentence : He never uttered a word of protest
3. Word : Stammer
Meaning : To have difficulty in saying the first letter of words in speaking
Sample sentence : Ali is unable to stop stammering when he speaks
4. Word : Croak
Meaning : Speak with a deep hoarse voice
Sample sentence : She could only croak because of her heavy cold
5. Word : Exclaim
Meaning : To speak suddenly and loudly, e.g. in surprise or anger
Sample sentence : He exclaimed that it was untrue
6. Word : Jabber
Meaning : To talk rapidly
Sample sentence : I canít understand what Ali is jabbering about.
7. Word : Address
Meaning : To give a speech or lecture.
Sample sentence : If you address a group of people, you give a speech to them
8. Word : Babble
Meaning : To chatter
Sample sentence : The baby was babbling away to himself
9. Word : Converse
Meaning : To talk
Sample sentence : They can converse in Chinese
10. Word : Discuss
Meaning : To talk about something
Sample sentence : We had a meeting to discuss our plans for the future
11. Word : Murmur
Meaning : A quiet low sound
Sample sentence : He was delirious, murmuring about his childhood
12. Word : Shout
Meaning : Speak or call out in a loud voice
Sample sentence : Calm down and stop shouting at each other
13. Word : Whisper
Meaning : speak softly using the breath without vibrating the vocal cord
Sample sentence : Why are you whispering?
14. Word : Talk
Meaning : speak to give information
Sample sentence : We talked for almost an hour
15. Word : Communicate
Meaning : to share or exchange news
Sample sentence : We can communicate with each other in most parts of the world by telephone.
16. Word : Pronounce
Meaning : Say words in the way they are usually said
Sample sentence : People pronounce the word differently in these parts of the country.
17. Word : Express
Meaning : clearly and openly stated
Sample sentence : The guests expressed their thank before leaving.
18. Word : Drawl
Meaning : to speak so that the sound of the vowels is longer than usual
Sample sentence : ĎI guess you guys donít mind if I smoke?í he drawled.
19. Word : Argue
Meaning : express an opposite opinion, exchange angry words, quarrel
Sample sentence : Tinaís parents always argue at midnight.
20. Word : Bark
Meaning : sharp harsh sound made by dogs and foxes
Sample sentence : Lilyís dog always barks at stranger.
21. Word : state
Meaning : telling with a word
Sample sentence : ďI didnít state that wordĒ, told Sam to Lily.
22. Word : Plead
Meaning : make repeated urgent requests
Sample sentence : He pleaded with his parents for a more understanding attitude.
23. Word : Lecture
Meaning : give a lecture or series of lectures
Sample sentence : Prof. James is not lecturing this term.
24. Word : Mutter
Meaning : speak or say in a low voice that is hard to hear
Sample sentence : Sarah was muttering away to herself as she did the washing-up



1. Word : Tiptoe
Meaning : Walk very quietly on the tips of oneís toes.
Sample sentence : She tiptoed out of the room so as not to wake the baby.
2. Word : Toddle
Meaning : Walk unsteadily with short quick step.
Sample sentence : My baby daughter is just learning to toddle.
3. Word : Stagger
Meaning : Walk very unsteadily.
Sample sentence : He was staggering and had to lean on the bar.
4. Word : Amble
Meaning : Walk slowly and in relaxed manner.
Sample sentence : Slowly they ambled back to the car.
5. Word : Limp
Meaning : Walk with difficulty or in an uneven way.
Sample sentence : He had to limp off with a leg injury.
6. Word : Storm
Meaning : Go or leave in a violently angry manner.
Sample sentence : He stormed into an office, demanding to know where the head of department was.
7. Word : Sneak
Meaning : Walk very quietly on foot trying to avoid being seen or heard.
Sample sentence : Sometimes he would sneak out of his house at midnight.
8. Word : Stroll
Meaning : Walk in a slow and relaxed way.
Sample sentence : He collected some orange juice from the refrigerator and strolled to the kitchen.
9. Word : Dawdle
Meaning : Spend an unnecessary long time going somewhere or doing something.
Sample sentence : Eleanor will be back any moment, if she doesnít dawdle.
10. Word : Saunter
Meaning : Walk in slow or casual way.
Sample sentence : We watched our fellow student saunter into the building.
11. Word : Swagger
Meaning : Walk in very proud or confident way.
Sample sentence : John was an arrogant man as he always swaggered around the town.
12. Word : Glide
Meaning : Move silently and in a smooth and effortless way
Sample sentence : Rosie glided across the dance floor to greet me.
13. Word : Shuffle
Meaning : Slide your feet backwards and forwards on the ground without lifting them up.
Sample sentence : Mira shuffled across the kitchen.
14. Word : Strut
Meaning : Walk in proud way.
Sample sentence : He struts around town like he owns the place.
15. Word : Hike
Meaning : Go for long walks across the countryside.
Sample sentence : Robert had hiked across Europe in his youth.
16. Word : Clamber
Meaning : To climb with difficulty using hands as well as feet.
Sample sentence : We had to clamber up the rocky slope.


1. Word : Bolt
Meaning : To go away very fast.
Sample sentence : The horse bolted in terror.
2. Word : Gallop
Meaning : To run or move very fast.
Sample sentence : Cantona galloped unchallenged down the middle of the field.
3. Word : Scurry
Meaning : To run quickly.
Sample sentence : The mouse scurried into its house.
4. Word : Chase
Meaning : To run after someone or something.
Sample sentence : He chased after them but failed to catch them.
5. Word : Hasten
Meaning : To hurry.
Sample sentence : We must hasten the preparations.
6. Word : Scoot
Meaning : To run away.
Sample sentence : Get out of here! Scoot!
7. Word : Dart
Meaning : To move suddenly and quickly in a certain direction.
Sample sentence : A rabbit darted across the field.
8. Word : Hurry
Meaning : To move or do something very quickly.
Sample sentence : My mom hurried to the kitchen after dad asked her to get the first-aid box.
9. Word : Sprint
Meaning : To run a short distance at full speed.
Sample sentence : He sprints past his competitors just before reaching the tape.
10. Word : Dash
Meaning : To run quickly.
Sample sentence : Edina dashes across the road.
11. Word : Jog
Meaning : To run slowly.
Sample sentence : Every weekend Ali jogs along the garden.
12. Word : Rush
Meaning : To go to or come, do something, quickly.
Sample sentence : The children rushed out of the school gates.
13. Word : Flee
Meaning : To run or hurry away from a place.
Sample sentence : He killed his enemy and fled the country.
14. Word : Scramble.
Meaning : To climb with difficulty or crawl over steep or rough ground.
Sample sentence : The climber scrambled up the side of a cliff.
15. Word : Scuttle
Meaning : To run with short, quick steps.
Sample sentence : The rain sent every one to scuttle for shelter.
16. Word : Stride
Meaning : To walk with long steps or take one long step in crossing something.
Sample sentence : He came striding along the path, with his gun over his shoulder.


1. Word : Dart
Meaning : Quick, sudden, forward movement
Sample sentence : The girl darted across the road.
2. Word : Flit
Meaning : To fly or move lightly and quickly
Sample sentence : Bees flit from flower to flower
3. Word : Float
Meaning : To stay on the surface of a liquid
Sample sentence : A balloon floated across the sky
4. Word : Swoop
Meaning : To come down with a rush
Sample sentence : The eagle swooped down on the rabbit
5. Word : Flutter
Meaning : To move about in a quick, irregular way
Sample sentence : The wounded bird fluttered to the ground
6. Word : Dive
Meaning : To go head first into water
Sample sentence : He dived from the bridge and rescued the drowning child
7. Word : Soar
Meaning : To increase quickly
Sample sentence : Prices soared when the war broke out
8. Word : Hurtle
Meaning : To move very fast, often in a dangerous or uncontrolled way.
Sample sentence : Drivers go hurtling along with no regard for the speed limit.
9. Word : Hover
Meaning : To remain in the same position in the air.
Sample sentence : The rescue helicopter hovered above us while we strapped Jim on to the stretcher.
10. Word : Speed
Meaning : To move or travel somewhere very quickly
Sample sentence : The car speeds past my big house


1. Word : Vault
Meaning : To leap
Sample sentence : He vaulted over the fence
2. Word : Hop
Meaning : To jump on oneís leg
Sample sentence : The children had a competition to see who could hop the furthest.
3. Word : Bound
Meaning : To jump
Sample sentence : The dog bounded over to me.
4. Word : Leap
Meaning : To jump
Sample sentence : He leapt into the boat.
5. Word : Skip
Meaning : To go along with a hop on each foot in turn
Sample sentence : The little girl skipped up the path.
6. Word : Pounce
Meaning : To jump suddenly in order to attack or catch hold of something.
Sample sentence : The kitten pounced on the mouse and tossed it into the air.
7. Word : Spring
Meaning : To jump suddenly and quickly from a sitting or lying position.
Sample sentence : Joey sprang smartly to his feet and offered his girlfriend his chair.
8. Word : Prance
Meaning : To move about happily or proudly with quick steps as if they were dancing or jumping.
Sample sentence : He was horrified at the thought of his son prancing about on a stage in tights.
9. Word : Scamper
Meaning : To run quickly taking short steps, especially while they are playing or when they have been suddenly frightened.
Sample sentence : The baby rabbits scampered back into their burrows.
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