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Default Sub Inspector 24-01-2016 Past Paper

Share all MCQs. We ll try to reproduce all 100 MCQs.
1. Human Rights Day: 10 Dec 1948
2. Liberty & Life: Article 9
3. Right of Fair Trial: Article 10A
4. Freedom of Movement: Article 15
5. Right to information: 19-A
6. Recently Retired: Younis Khan
7. 2 times Bismillah: Surah Namal
8. 1st IGP: Khan Qurban Ali Khan
9. Current IGP: Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera
10. Lemon: Vitamin C
11. Pakistan Hockey Olympics last Gold Medal: 1984
12. Mai kis k hath pr apna lahuu talaash kru...: Mustafa zaidi
13. Muhammad's (PBUH" wife & Daughter of H Umer (RA): H Hafza (R.A)
14. Masjid Qiblatain kahan hai: Madinah
15. Ghazwa bader men kitny shaba shaheed howy? 14
16. Bgair walid k Nabi after H Adam (AS)? Hadhrat Issa (A.S)
17. Windows 7 ? Operating System
18. Deleted file is sent to? Recycle Bin
19. Google Chrome, yahoo & internet explorer are ? Browser
20. Name of wife of Shah Jahan? Mumtaz Mahal
21. What is the name of daughter of Aurangzeb? Zaib ul Nisa
22. Fastest century in ODI? AB de Villiers
23. Yadon Ki Barat By?Josh Malihabadi
24. SHO stands for? Station House Officer
25. First governor of Punjab (Indian Punjab)? Sir Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi
26. President of Syria? Bashar al Asad
27. Gilgit-Baltistan: Self-governing territory of Pakistan
28. First chief executive of Pakistan?Pervez Musharraf
29. PM of England when Paksitan got independence? Clement Richard Attlee
30. Yaar baqi suhbat baqi ka kia mtlab hai? zindgi rhi to phr mille gain
31. Tajahul Arfan ka kia mtlab hai? jan bhoj k anjan ban-na
32. IAEA Headquarter: Vienna
33. Headquarter of Human Rights Commission: Geneva, Switzerland
34. URL stands for: Uniform Resource Locator
35. Acoustics is the science that deals with the study of: Mechanical Waves
36.Capital of Tajikistan: Dushanbe
37. G-77: Developing Nations
38. Auther of The Sole Spokesman: Ayesha Jalal
39. Chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan: Zohra Yousaf
40. Interpol headquarter: Lyon
41. Mughal Emperor fell from Stairs: Humayun
42. Actual Name of Dr. Andleeb Shadani: Wajahat Hussain
43.Mughal Emperor fell from Stairs: Humayun
44. First President of the Muslim League: Sir Aga Khan
Add more plz & follow Sr 45, 46, 47....
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