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Originally Posted by shaemureed View Post
The easiest paper in css history. Repent over not appearing this time.
See the translation!
Common man thinks that the laws of country and indivisual freedom are opposit to each other. Apparently this does not seems wrong. Every law has some restrictions to citizens in different form. The more are the laws of a country the the higher are the collective restrictions. The indivisual liberty gets pressed due to more restrictions. In opposit to it, the circle of indivisual freem gets broader if the number of laws are reduced.


"what happend to john? " asked Helena to West. "he left the company" was the answer from West. "he asked me for a rise but I didnt give to him" said West. "why didnt you gave him rise?" inquired Helen. West replied "he was so lazy". Helen further asked "has he found another job?". "yes, he is working in a film company"answered West. Helen continued asking "what is his salary like?" "I think he earns quite alot" was the answer from West. "does he like the new job? " continued Helen. West responded " i dont know"

Correction would be respected. Best of luck to all who appeared!
Waoo...great did are so fortunate.
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