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Default Paragraph:

Ιndirect speech: Helen: Mr West, what's happened to John?
Mr West: He's left the company
Helen: Why has he done that?
Mr West: He asked me for a rise but I didn't give it to him.
Helen: Why didn't you give him a rise?
Mr West: Because he was lazy.
Helen: Has he found another job?
Mr West: Yes, he is working in a film company.
Helen: What is his salary like?
Mr West: I think he earns quite a lot.
Helen: Does he like the new job?
Mr West: I don't know.

Mrs. Helen asked Mr. West as to what had happened to John, to Which latter replied that he had left the Company. When she inquired of Mr. West for the Reason he replied that John had asked him for a raise which he declined. When She asked Mr. West the reason for not promoting him, his answer was that john was lazy. She also asked whether john had found another Job. Indeed, John had been working in a film industry affirmed Mr. West. When she asked Mr. West about his salary, he replied that John might be earning quite a lot. She also asked whether john liked his new job or not to which Mr. West replied in his inability of knowledge. ": waiting
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