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Originally Posted by ursula View Post
Sorry I didn't understand this.
is it mean I lost my precious 20marks,because in interrogation I mentioned that accuse is dragged to isolation to ask for counter questioning. Using carrot and stick policy,evidences are collected. Suspected is provided an opportunity to provide the evidences,at least it will compensate the culprit in terms of relaxation of corporeal punishment. For example saulat Mirza and JIT(carrot policy was successful).It is advantageous for both parties,because prosecutor has to justify the case in court as there are sufficient evidences to convict the criminal in the court.Bumptious ball!
Man to esy he chawlyan mar kr ayee hun. But it was based on my own critical analysis and evaluation,which I hope could beg me 10 score ...though looks miraculous right now!
But any how peg the bag,because it is far from reality.What you people believe on my explanation.
Don't worry, they may not even read your answer and award you 10 marks depending on what position you wrote this question. If it was your third question then it might save you.

But the situation might be different if he would read even a single word of it.

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