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Originally Posted by Xeric View Post
Balochistan Public Service Commission
Samungli Road Quetta Cantt.

Marks:100 Saturday, February 24,2007(0230 PM) Time:3 Hours
.................................................. .................................................. ....

Q-1. Write an Essay on any One of the following topics: (30)

(i) Prosperity Gains friends and Adversity Tries them.
(ii) Life is Real, Life is the Earnest.
(iii) Democracy in Theory and Practice.
(iv) National Prejudices.

Q-2. Write a letter to the Education Secretary requesting him to instruct the Heads of Educational Institutions to inculcate in the minds of their students the sense that the National Flag must be respected. (10)

Q-3. Use the following idioms in yours sentences to bring out their meaning clearly: (10)

(i) An eye-wash (ii) To make ducks and drakes of (iii) To set at naught
(v) To come into line with (v) To mind one’s P’S and Q’S.

Q-4. Use the following pair of words in sentences to bring out their meaning clearly: (10)

(i) Expedient / Expeditious (ii) Veracity / Voracity (iii) Wreath / Wreathe
(iv) Hypercritical / Hypocritical (v) Deprecate / Depreciate.

Q-5. Write a paragraph on “A world Government is both desirable and necessary. Countries should simply become the states of one nation, the earth. In this way war could be eliminated and wealth could be equally distributed”. (10)

Q-6. Correct the following sentences: (10)

(i) I don’t enjoy to play card games.
(ii) After Graduating from College, my father wants me to join the business firm.
(iii) By obeying the speed limit, we can save energy, lives and it costs us les.
(iv) My friends as well as I am doing this work.
(v) Because my country is located in a subtropical area, so the weather is hot.

Q-7. Write a précis of the following passage and assign a suitable title: (20)

The psychological, even the intellectual, benefits of marriage seem to me to be enormous. If a man has lived for some years in the closest intimacy with a woman, he learns to look at life from her point of view as well as his own. A man who cannot do this is like a man blind in one eye. He doesn’t appreciate the solidity and depth of the world before him. The ideas I am putting before you hare are largely my wife’s or at any rate, family ideas, rather than unmarried man; and few women seem to me to be psychologically complete till they have become mothers. During the Middle Ages Europe was far too much influenced by celibate men. Today much too big a part in public life is played by celibate women, and too little by mothers. I find few ideas more genuinely disgusting than that held by many education authorities that a woman ceases to be suitable as a teacher when she becomes a mother, because I have so high as opinion of marriage at its best, I think that it should be possible to end it if it fails for any of a number of reasons, instead of, as now, for one only. This is called “undermining” the sanctity of marriage”.

Good Luck
Brother Xeric, can you please share a sample for letter writing?
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