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Default Ursula and I discuss criminology

Note- In case you are not aware I asked her for guidance and she wanted it to be public so I am making a post here.
I intend on discussing criminology syllabus and issues that I encounter while preparing this subject because this is the first optional I am preparing on my own and she had the same optional.
Feel free to jump in. However please try to stick to the subject.

Hey Ursula,
I hope you are good.

I have started criminology preparation and I started from section 1.
I am studying the book called " Theoratical Criminology by George B. Vold, Thomas J. Bernard, Jeffrey B. Snipes" and I don't know whether you read it or not.
My issue with section 1 is that in its point 4 below,

Crime and Criminality: Theoretical Perspectives
Early explanation of criminal behavior
Biological Theories; Psychological Theories; Sociological Theories.
 Social Disorganization theory
 Strain theory
 Social Control theory
 Learning theory
 Labeling Theory
 Islamic perspective on deviance and crime.

the theories in bullets are all sociological theories. Psychological theories and biological theories are up to us to find and there is no narrowing down for us.

So early explanation of criminal behavior, I believe refers to classical criminology, then positivist criminology and I also studied Durkheim and Anomie. I loved this one the most.
So for biological theories I read overview of physiognomy and phrenology; Lombroso's work and Gorings; Sheldon to Cortes; Intelligence and relation between IQ and delinquency; Racial components; The Bell Curve; twins and adoption studies; Autonomic Nervous System and environmentally induced biological components of behavior. Is this all or there is more?

For psychological theories I read overview of Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalysis, personality tests, antisocial disorder and impulsiveness. Is this all or there is more?

I consulted the book mentioned above and it does a good job of explaining them and providing counter arguments when needed.
However all studies happened in Europe and US. Have we ever had any testing of these theories?

So so far this is all did, is it going well or am I deviating? I finished this book today and I didn't skip anything because I wasn't sure what is included and what isnt. Anyways that's all. Be the guide here please

If you need this book, I'll email it.

I have few other questions but I'll ask later. Don't want to inundate.
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