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Originally Posted by Zainab S View Post
Does anyone know answer to question no 6.
Enlist and discuss the principles of criminal investigation.
there are some ethical guidelines, which an investigator has to follow

unprejudiced and impartial attitude,avoidance of inaccurate conclusions,team work,and searching suspects within legal limitations.

there are principles which must be applied to all criminal investigation procedures. whether crime is personal crime or property crime(two broad categories of crime)

1)to identify the crime
2)to identify the offender
3)To apprehend the offender
4)to interrogate the suspects
5) corpus deliciti of crime
6)gather and preserve evidence I.e finger prints,foot prints etc
7)modus operandi of criminal
8)to provide aid in prosecution and conviction of perpetrator
9) to recover property

ironically, some brethren and sisthren on the forum have write Sherlock Holmes techniques of investigation, which is wrong approach.
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