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IPC notifies about application results in end of July or start of August. Start preparing all of your documents earlier if you think you have good chances or if you get admission e mail because one month is too short for this process.

1- IBCC attestation of matric and inter certificates (for that you need photocopy attestation of same from your respective board first) //last year embassy didn't check matric and inter certificates but this takes 15 days therefore you should do it to be on the safe side if embassy checks it//

2- HEC attestation of bachelor onward degrees and transcripts//can be done on same day if you reach early in morning at about 7 am. Rs. 800 per document//

3- Police clearance certificate from your district/divisional police office//do check the validity period of this certificate. It takes 10 working days and Rs. 100//
4- MOFA attestation of all above //Go early and it will be done on same day. Price of tickets is different for different documents//
5- Medical certificate from embassy designated hospitals. //Rs. 5000 to get in 4 hours. Rs. 4000 to get on next day
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