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Memorization of word is not good way to assimilate vocabulary.Extensive reading on wide range of topics helps you to build good vocabulary.reading novels ,newspaper,magzine will certainly enhance your vocabulary.
1.first,start from simple novel reading just like Sherlock Holmes ,read it once to get big picture of story,then concentrate on vocabulary and make flashcards of vocabulary.flash cards mut carry word,part of speech,small definition, sentence usage and synonyms of words.
2.revise 10 cards per day not more than 10 words.revise all word till you become a master of all words.when you revised all words put stack aside and read other stack. the novel for 15 days to grasp a simple vocabulary.when you grasp over common words then this is high time to go further by reading newspaper vocabulary. dawn editorial daily and make same as for novel vocabulary.
5.after 1 month you will see that you can easily understand words and your vocabulary is enhanced by 10 folds. last listen podcast of sherlock holmes or cnn or bbc podcast, when you hear these words, then these words become a part of your memory next time when you speak these words comes out automatically.
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