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Originally Posted by yasirisrar View Post
Can you kindly list down what sort of activities do these custom officials perform?
Many of us are unaware of the difference between IRS and PCS.

Other than that do custom officers still conduct raids on illegal stuff?

What about the work environment?

-It's main job is implementing duty on imports and exports and also to stop smuggling.

-IRS was mainly limited to income tax but in 2010 two of Customs lucrative departments of Sales Tax and Excise were given to IRS and hence it has grown in stature, though Customs is still ahead in most candidates preference.

- yes, Customs does conduct raids, though many Customs officials themselves are involved in smuggling.

- it's definitely more white collar than PAS or Police,many female aspirants list Customs at the top of their preference and there are lots of perks such as land cruiser jeeps and Taluqaat with rich business people but it's a stressful job as most customs officials are regularly blackmailed or investigated by NAB even if they aren't involved in corruption and the lower staff (Appraiser, SPO) are thoroughly criminal minded and financial scandals are a common thing.
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