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I want to tell you that I went to appear in the interview for the post of Assistant Chief Admin officer GHQ. It's coming up on 3 months I haven't heard from FPSC (no recommendation list nothing). My interview was as good as yours, even the interviewer asked me twice (at the beginning and at the end of interview) if I was willing to move for the job to which I replied him yes. This gave me enough confidence to keep waiting for the recommendation list for nearly 3 months up till now. Now if you vist the FPSC site, in the job section you will see the same vacancy (with the same number of posts for Punjab and other areas) being advertised again. It's right there now with a new case #F4-196 2016R (go and check it out yourselves) in case you think I am making this all up. All they are doing is making money out of tests and then keep repeating the process. Only the candidate who's gonna offer them big sum of money will get the job.
Conclusion: Everything is a fraud from our army to politicians. They are all the same.
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