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Default When life gives you lemon, make lemonade

Seniors please give a read to my essay outline and introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Criticism will be heartily welcomed.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
• Introduction
Dalliance leads to consistent failures. Inveighing life starts from here. Since my childhood I’ve been hearing that “Life means struggle”. It seems like a pipe-dream that life will always offer and reward you lavishly and with success. Always expecting complaisance from life may be or can be considered as someone’s naivety. Often times in real world and in the race of life, life gives us lemons. Lemonade in life is not our heirloom. It always does not knock on our door and present his highness.
Whenever life gives lemon, I have to notable person with commendable qualities to make lemonade of the lemon which I have been given and then enjoy the joyous taste that lemonade contentedly. Making “Invincible” as “vincible” makes such a person a “Hero” and distinguishes him from others.
Defining the word “Blood” in real world rather than scientific world means hardship, struggle and mettlesomeness.
“Anything worthy in life is achieved by love or by blood”
Achieving the lemonade in life or turning the lemon to lemonade demands resilience, endurance and struggle. The life, then, implores the lemon to turn into lemonade.
• Bludgeoning of chances
• Treating disasters as Triumphs
• Fortitude in making lemonade
• History of White house and servitude and making of lemonade
• Life of different people, lemons of their lives and making lemonade
1. Mandela
2. Brain Acton
3. Hugh Herr
4. J.K Rolling
• Wretched failure to palatial success
• Requirements of lemonade making
• Be Master of Fate
• Conclusion
The sturdy lemons of life are when stupefied results in stupendous lemonade. The rumpus of life often makes a man elusive enough that he forgets how to make lemonade of lemon. He, in fact, does not even try to make lemonade of the lemon in hand.

Reinvigoration of someone feelings and nihilism to failure turns lemon to lemonade. Than man then rises like air. Making lemonade of the lemon acquires every namby-pamby person to be determinant enough. The sullen silence from lemons of life must not let be the master. It’s called courageousness that turns lemon to lemonade and decides one’s fate.
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