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Originally Posted by Aneeqashan View Post
I just started preparing for CSS 2017 exam. I am really co fused about my subjects as well as how to start prepare them in a short time span. I need helpful guidance. I have to start from zero. My English is not up to the mark and My general knowledge is too.

Plz guide me
Hi aneeq, If you are Punjab domicile it might be difficult for you to get a top 3 group considering that there are only 5.5 months left, you have still not finalized optionals, and your English is not up to the mark.

However, you would have a decent shot at groups like IRS, Customs and so on, Provided you can study full time.

If you are dead set on a top 3 group (PAS, PSP, FSP) and you do not have consecutive attempts, I recommend you skip the current attempt. People have gotten these groups with 4-5 months of prep, but many of those people already had good plans developed, and they were fairly comfortable with English.

If you are from a non Punjab domicile, you can get a top 3 group, provided you study full time.

General knowledge is a non issue, it can be easily developed by reading Dawn daily.
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