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Originally Posted by Violent View Post
Asalam O Alaikum..

I'm a Doctor. Have Completed my MBBS. I always had the desire of giving at least a single attempt of CSS. So finally, I made up my mind and have just start preparing for CE-2017.

The thing that is making me confused is about selecting optionals. According to my academic background, I've to select two familiar subjects, Psychology and Zoology. I had the confusion between International Law and Criminology but as most of the people say that if you are opting IR, IL will be quite easy then. Now remains only one subject. And I'm confused between History of Indo Pak and History of USA. I've heard people saying that USA History syllabus is small and can be easily covered whereas Indo Pak history can be supported by Pakistan Affairs (Compulsory subject). Which is more better and easy and most importantly high scoring?

I want sincere suggestions and advises regarding my confusion so that I can be able to take a final decision.

*My optionals are:
1. IR
2. IL
3. Zoology
4. Psychology
5. Indo Pak History OR History of USA (Confused)

P.S: Other suggestions are also welcomed regarding optionals
I've heard from other candidates that Indo-Pak helps out in Pakistan studies but US History's syllabus is shorter.
I went for European History and still haven't been able to finish the syllabus, but its helping a lot in IR.

Ultimately, its your choice.
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