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Originally Posted by yasirisrar View Post
As ce-2016 is announced and Alhamdulliah i scored 71 in psychology. The reason why you should go for it

1) course is not that lengthy
2) concepts are easy to grasp
3) People with biology Background have an edge , non bio people can cover the course in max 10 days
4) Questions are more or less ratta type with some conceptual one's
I am thinking to switch sociology with psychology, as i got only 35 marks in the former. I went through psychology(200 marks) past papers and found the course of Paper-2 somewhat difficult. And they have given 3 questions from the paper-2 portion in 2016 paper.
First, what book would you recommend for psychology, especially the area previously covered by paper-2?
Second, there are questions regarding disorders and therapies in the past papers, are they included in the new course as well? And if they are included, would we be able to prepare them through the book?
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