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Default Xcuze me Plz

Hello every 1,,Can any body suggest me please , i would request to seniors specially please do help me out in it ,, as i earlier shared it i have opted Pol-Sci, C-Law, Indo-Pak , Pub-Add,although i collected enough material of it but i can read it yet optionals m studying compulsories at the moment....but now many people saying me to change my combination...according to them and journalism and Socio is best instead of Pol-Sci and Leave Pub Add too and opt Urdu
so accordingly then my subjects will be Urdu , Journal , Socio, Indo-Pak ...
its very scoring then my 1st one they say ....... now m very confused...what should i opt,please suggest me best option which took me higher bcz u all know its a game of ..?? m waiting 4 a honest reply

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