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Originally Posted by Nazish Hina View Post
I didn't want to start an argument here.
You believe that universe is just and good things happen to good people. I think that's naive and childish. That's why I said to each his own.Awful things happen to good people for no reason.

Moreover, people are hindered from achieving their dreams the moment they are born, their social standing, the type of school they go to and even their DNA decides for them, that what type of career they end up with. Yes, we do have free will but is it enough to overcome all of our circumstances. We are also a product of our environment.

We as humans love rags to riches stories because they make us believe that we can be one of them. Such people are one in a million, but those are the ones we love to think of, because we don't care about statistics or facts, we just want to believe that good things will happen to us.

You want to believe it, sure go ahead. Don't obsess over, whether or not I believe it.

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Neither do I...
Universe is really just and good things happen to good people,but remember, not Always, the point here is, you can give yourself an edge by blaming all the factors you mentioned ( like being product of environment, genetics, social standing etc ) and a never ending list of factors you forgot to mention, or you can set yourself as an exception to all of these..Seems dreamy or childish? Yeah it is, It really is..

Quoting you again, To Each his own, it depends upon the prospective you wish to have..And it's never an argument; it's simply a different point of view. And I believe, it's quite positive, you may call it a sort of least to me, it is.. I love to hear your (or anyone's) voice opposing me and thus bringing me the new ideas...

To me , For man is nothing except what he strives for..and if you are still undone, do recognize a Divine Entity exercising HIS divine powers and be contented that wasn't made for you...That's how I will accept a failure when I have not even a single breathe to fight for my success..

And a last thing, I am not suggesting you to follow the footsteps of some riches or so, because that's what average people would do and I don't categorize your in those people... Emboss your own footsteps on the way to success, and let other people follow them..quite simple...

And well, yes, Obsession is there, but it's never intended for you, sorry if you got that way, I never meant it.. Just having a healthy point of difference here with you, nothing more than that....

Enjoy your own way of thinking, because that's what you ought to and you should be having....
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