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Originally Posted by qurattulain View Post
Kindly check this outline and tell me what should I change in it..
Thanks in advance!

1. Introduction
2. Overview of projects under CPEC
a. Projects in Gawadar Port and city
b. Roadway projects
c. Power sector projects
d. Financing of projects
3. Significance of CPEC
a. Pakistanís interest
b. Significance for China and other countries in the region
4. Challenges to CPEC
a. Dearth of good governance
b. Security threats
c. Political instability
d. Conflicts between provincial governments
e. Lack of foresight in planning
f. Controversies over routes
g. Foreign intervention
h. Geographical impediments
5. Recommendations
a. Alternate suggested routes
b. Special CPEC security force
c. Looking for common ground between provinces
d. Meticulous scheme for all projects
e. Converging interests of regional powers on CPEC
6. Conclusion

Regional Stability,
Pak-China can counter Indian Hegemony,
Equal Balance of Power,
Prosperity and Economic opportunities for Pakistan and others
I want to fight an unended war....
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