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Old Tuesday, August 26, 2008
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Default @ Omer

Omer.. I absolutely agree with you that consultancy needs time but you see you are offering this service for a limited scope, as part time job it requires not that much time as in case of a Chartered accountant sitting in A.F.ferguson's office and going through the clients base and working on 3 to 4 assignments at one time.

Well i make Feasibility studies and advise about Investment opportuinitues to my clients that too ONLINE. Recently i have arranged equity from an American Company for a very famous Pakistani "Sweets, Bakers & Dairy Chain"...charging a consultancy fee of 3% of the amount of the transaction...Alhamdullah that AMOUNT is suffient for me for atleast 3 years....

Best of Luck Omer for your future...Hope you get whatever you want in your life.
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