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Originally Posted by Zain MSS View Post
Can anyone advise about how wise it would be for an Engineer to get inducted in a Bank through MTO program and adopt banking as a career, keeping in mind the financial rewards and a well-paid salary in this sector ?
In my opinion, financial rewards and career growth is more depended on one's own internal abilities and grooming rather than on any particular profession. Therefore, you would see many bankers earning far more than an engineer and also vice versa as well.

Next thing is, in Pakistan, engineering for boys is still at the top when comes to musing about dream career.... so, those who get the jobs never look anywhere else but given the condition in Pakistan, those lucky ones are few and rest of the lot just start looking for alternatives tossing away the career they had worked for so hard. Purpose of saying, if you have good job as an engineer, go for it. Otherwise, whole world is open to you.
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