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Default @ Omer

Originally Posted by Omer
How is ur exp of PSP going wen u cmpare it with ur profession?
Wt factors propelled u to join civil services?
U did any other job?......articles etc or not?
Wt were ur marks in Audit and accounts in css?

It is really nice to c a person of my field in the position of which im an aspirant of.

Find the answers of your questions here.

Omer ofcourse when you are earning as a Chartered Accountant you are earning many a times as compared to you earn in CSP line. I am wise enough to bring my qualification in use while serving the nation. I just had to purchase a 1.25 lac Sony Vaio machine (laptop) and it got me going, am earning 7 to 10 lac per transaction and i have already completed 4 assignments.So my expenses are going really well, I am wearing a prestigeous uniform and at the same time earning like a Chartered Accountant but this style of job will suit better in DMG service not in PSP...Omer its really tough in PSP where your responbility is too much, anyways as far as i am concerned i am enjoying it.

Talking about the reasons due to which i decided to join the service....well as a young student i always used to tal about the poor performance of the politicians and the Govt officers, but gradually i realized that if i criticize these politiians and govt servants why do'nt i join the service myself and do what a Govt employee should do as per my thinkings. In short i felt that i'll be satisfied to do what i liked to do and infact i always loved to be a PSP officer since my childhood, though i realized that fact a bit late. Remember one should chose the profession what he/she loves to do and i dint like late sittings,audits,worried to much about the clients, no time for family and a dead rubber life....

Ofcourse i had my articles which are mendatory...i had them at KPMG, i took the CSS attempt when i had three papers of Mod-E cleared,but by the time when i joined the CSA my articles were complete and passed the BFD paper of MOd-F during my CTP. Other than articles i was'nt brave enough to join a private job.

My marks in Audit & Accounts were 172 and in Mercantile Law 88

Hope my answers meet your queries, due to shortage of time i could'nt go in detail.
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