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Post Vocabulary

Arsenal: A place for storage of weapons & ammunition
Anonymous: Something which does not bear the name of its writer
Atheist: One who does not believe in the existence of God
Antiseptic: A medicine that prevents decomposing
Antidote : Medicine to counteract the effect of poison.
Autobiography: Life history written by self
Audience: Assembly of listeners
Irreparable: That which cannot be repaired
Cannibal : A man who eats human beings
Catalogue: A list of books
Colleague : An associate in office or institution
Contemporary: A person living at the same time as another
Cosmopolitan: One who is free from national prejudices
Credulous : A person too ready to believe
Democracy: Government of the people by the people and for the people.
Dead letter: A letter which is not claimed by any one
Dead language: A language which is no longer in use
Draw :A battle or a match in which neither party wins
Edible : Fit to be eaten
Illegible : That which cannot be read easily
Illiterate : One who is unable to read or write
Immigrant: One who comes to settle in a country
Impassable: That which cannot be passed through
Inaccessible: That which cannot be approached or reached
Impregnable: That which cannot be pierced through
Impracticable: That which cannot be put into practice
Inaudible : That which cannot be hared
Incorrigible: That which cannot be corrected
Incurable : That which cannot be cured
Indefatigable: One who does not tire
Popular : One who is liked or admired
Indescribable: That which cannot be described
Indivisible: That which cannot be divided
Inimitable : That which cannot be imitated
Infallible : One who cannot make a mistake
Inevitable: That which is bound to happen
Insoluble : That which cannot be dissolved
Invincible : That which cannot be conquered
Insolvent : One who is unable to pay his debts
Linguist : One who is skilled in many languages
Maiden speech: A speech made for the first time
Manuscript :A paper written by hand
Mercenary :One who fights for the sake of money
Omnipotent :One who is all powerful
Optimist :One who always looks at the bright side of things
Panacea : A remedy for all animals
Parasite : One living on another
Pessimist : One who always looks at the dark side of things
Pedestrian: One who walks on foot
Philanthropist: One who does good to one’s fellow men
Posthumous: One who is born after the death of his father
Veteran : One who is well experienced
Portable : That which can be easily carried about
Simultaneously: Occurring at the same time
Sanatorium: A place for invalids and convalescents
Honorary : An office with salary but no work
Spokesman : One who speaks for others
Suicide : Killing of one’s own self
Teetotaler: A person who abstains from alcoholic drinks
Transparent: That which can be clearly seen through
Wardrobe : A place where clothes are kept
Turn-coat: A person who changes sides
Unanimous: Decision arrived at by the votes of all
Vegetarian: One who lives on vegetable
Verbose : Full of words
Voluntary : Of one’s own freewill
Waterproof: A material through which water cannot pass
Stale : That which is not fresh
Widower : A man whose wife is dead
Widow : A woman whose husband is dead
Fatal : A disease or accident which ends in death
Honorary : Office for which no salary is paid
Gratis : Without payment or recompense
Ignorant : One who lacks knowledge
Illegal : That which is contrary to law
Hospitable: One who entertains his guests well
Unsocialable: One who does not mix freely with others


Gynecologist :The doctor treating the ailments peculiar to women alone
Obstetrician: The doctor who helps in the delivery of babies
Pediatrician: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of children’s diseases
Oculist : The doctor who specializes in the treatment of eye diseases
Dermatologist: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin diseases
Orthopaedist: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of various
deformities of the body and bone
Cardiologist: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of heart diseases
Neurologist: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of nervous system
Psychiatrist: The doctor who specializes in the treatment of disorders
of mind and emotional disturbances
Internist : The doctor who specializes in the internal organs
Podiatrist : The doctor who specializes in the treatment of corn
Optometrist: The specialist who is not a doctor but examines the eye
for the sole purpose of prescribing spectacles and fitting eye glasses
Optician : The person who specializes in the manufacture, making
and selling of eye glasses, lenses, binoculars
Orthodontist: The person who specializes in straightening of crooked teeth
Intern : The medical graduate serving as an apprentice in a
hospital taking medical training


Anthropologist: One who studies the history of development of mankind
Entomologist: One whose field of study is insects
Botanist: One whose field of study is the life of plants
Philologist: One whose field of study is language
Geologist: One who specializes in the study of earth & its composition
Semanticist: One who specializes in the study of psychological effects of words
Astronomer: One studies the planets and the heavenly bodies
Zoologist: One whose field of study is animals of all type
Biologist: One whose field of study is all living organisms
Sociologist: One who specializes in the field of social relationship


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