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ARABIC (Total Marks-200 )

PAPER - I (Marks - l00)

  1. The Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature.

    1. The Quran, its language, contents and style: its influence on the subsequent literature.
    2. Quranic semantics and etymology with special reference to lhn Manzoor's Lisan al' Arab and Raghib al-Asfahani's Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran.
    3. Literary Hisfoiy and I.iterary criticism-literary movements. classical backgou nd, socio-cultural influences and modern trends. Origin and development of modern literary genres, including drama, novcl, short story, essay.
    4. Contribution of Arabs in the fields of science. philosophy and lin guistics with special reference to the views of the lhn Khaldun, al biruni. al-Jahiz. Ibn Maskawaih, lhn Maja, al-Kasai and Sebawaih
    5. A short introduction to Pakistani Arabic literature in the fields of prose and poetry.
    6. The contemporary Arabic literature in Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq with special emphasis on the literature of al-Mahjer and its out standing representatives such as Jabran KhaliI Jabran, Ilia Abu Medhi, Mckhail Naeema. and timer Abu Risha.

  2. A short Essay in Arabic.

PAPER-II (Marks - 100)

This paper will require first-hand reading of the texts prescribed and will be designed to test the candidates critical ability.


  1. 1. Imarul Qais : His Maullaqah :- "Qifaa Nabki mim Zakraa Habibin Wa Manzili" (Complete).
  2. Zohair Bin Abi Sulma His Maullaqah "A Min Umme Aufaa Dimnatun lam takalami" (Complete).
  3. Hassan Bin Thhit .' The following five Qasaid from his Daiwan : From Qasidah No. I to Qasidah No. IV and the Qasidah :-- Lillahi Darru Kaaba Nadamtuhum.
  4. Labeed: Af'atiddiyaru Mahalluha Wa Maqammuha Mahmud Timur: Story : "Ammi Mutawalli" (From :)
  5. Taufiq Al-Hakim : Dramas : Sirrul Muntahiraa" from his book "Masra-hiyaatu Tu fiqal Haki rn'.
  6. Dr. Rana M. N. Ehsan Elahie : Nafais al-Adab, [P.U.B.A. (Hons) Course].
  7. Dr. Jalal al-A hawat arid others "Jarikh-ul-A bad-il-A rabi-il-Hadith"
  8. Dr. Taha Hussain : Hadith al-A raba'a
  9. Isa an-Na'uri :  Adab al-mahjer
  10. George Saidah : Adabuna wal- Udabafi Adab al-Mahjer
  11. Dr. De Boer:  The History of Philosophy in Islam

NOTE: Candidates will he required to answer some questions carrying not less than 25% marks in Arabic also.

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Suggested Readings

1. The Contribution of India to the Arabic Literature:           Dr. Zubaid Ahmed

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