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Mubasher21 Tuesday, July 26, 2011 02:59 PM

i had my interview yesterday at MCB lahore. so i want to share some information regarding interview preparation.
they will ask basically your family background and some what about your qualifiaction. and nothing about general knowledge here at lahore.
if they have any technical question they will ask otherwise they will go thriugh your cv and will ask question from there so make sure that what you have written in your cv you do know about that as well.
they will let you wait for loooong time before your intyerview starts as my interview was scheduled at 3pm but my turn came at 9 pm..so be prepares already
a panel of three people will be taking interview 2 will ask questions while the third one will only observe you to get your facial gestures and other body movements ...

11:05 AM (GMT +5)

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