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Saqib Gill Friday, July 31, 2020 07:20 PM

Ztbl jobs
ZTBL, previously ADBP, is a prestigious semi-government bank which is neither prestigious nor a bank. Here are some of things going on in it!

1. The pay of an og3 officer, equivalent to BPS-16 officer is 28,000. Out of these 28,000, 5000 are deducted each month or 60,000 a year for using bank's bike. An MCO works for years in the bank, pays in lacs for that bike. He could have used the same amount to buy a small car. Petrol allowance is 100 litres, where one has to lie and cheat to recover those 5000 to receive 28k. Otherwise, what do you think 25k income is going to do for a grade 16 officer?. Secondly, there are no performance based promotions. The promotions take years to happen. Similarly, the yearly increments in pay are next to nothing. Most MCOs enrol as MCOs and retire as MCOs

2. Corruption is rampant so is gandhigiri. Irrational restrictions are being imposed on Branch level staff, while the fact is higher ups are corrupt and demanding money from bank managers. Bank employees, in return, adopt corrupt practices to elicit money from customers or by forfeiting bills

3. There many bank policies which are negative and non-efficient self-defeating. For instance, "completing the week" policy - whereby managers have to make slightly more recovery in the ongoing week compared to the same same number of week the yesteryear. This means if a manager uses all his strength to make recoveries of higher amount, say one crore, this week, he will have to make recovery of more than 1 crore same week of the next year. So, managers generally try to give small recoveries so that they don't have to worry alot the next year. Is this policy positive, does it promote growth? No, it's impact is highly negative. Secondly, how can presidents or chiefs expect lowly officers to work under harsh conditions and still act as gandhi or work non-corruptly with a pay not sufficient enough. Salaries of court employees or State Bank employees, for instance, are kept so high so that they don't have to adopt corrupt practices to carry on with their lives. Now, if they expect their employees to not be involved in corrupt practices; it makes sense. But what environment has ZTBL created for its employees in this regard?

4. Another issue common in ZTBL bank is that of "ghost bankers". A significant number of employees are on self issued leave. They attend bank only on few days and for few hours if they come. I ask how can grade 18 and above employees who are receiving pay in lacs can be ghosts without the approval or condoning of the higher ups? Why has the practice of proxy attendance been allowed to take place amid so-called strict audits and checks policies and before so-called strict inspection teams and crews?

5. Dilemma is that the teams that come to do audit or inspection, etc are themselves corrupt. They come, create a false environment of pressure. They stay, have lavish lunches or suppers on bank employees' personal money. And by the end of the day receive envelopes containing bribe in them.

6. While the president of the bank is trying to act as "a good cent percent honest, efficient and able" baby, there is no mechanism under his presidency that makes possible resolution of complaints against higher-ups or any sort of complaints. There is no open-door policy as such. If a junior office complains or tries to approach top officials, he immediately receives condemnation; he immediately receives memos that rebuke him for not sending the complaints 'through proper channel'. That means if you have a complaint against your manager or the zonal chief, it has to pass through the manager or the zonal chief before reaching the top brass. There's no secrecy. Who then is nuts enough to complain in this environment?

7. Another discouraging fact is that ZTBL employees have almost zero career options if they exit ZTBL. Neither the employees are preferred in other banks nor even the employees get benefits such as age relaxation when applying for commissioned exams....
Please, share to expose corrupt practices.


10:44 PM (GMT +5)

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