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CSS Competitive Examination The Central Superior Services Examination is conducted every year for induction to Group 17 of the Civil Services

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Old Friday, May 31, 2013
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Post @ all who are fighting for age relaxation

Originally Posted by Ednan View Post
don't look at the man....just trust the Department and lodge your complaint...every body is making tall claims but nobody is ready to lodge a complaint..its a two minute process...kindly do it and tell your friends also...definitely they will take action if they receive hundreds of application for a single cause.
Dear Brother, lodging complaint against FPSC in wafaqi mohtaib would not bring you any fruit as the functions of FPSC is secured by constitutional blanket and does not falls in the jurisdiction of wafaqi mohtasib, even filing million of complaints would not help you. in the end you will recieve a reply.. "Federal Public Service Commission is outside the purview of Ombudsman Secretariat".. fall of expectations hurts alot. If you want to win then do not act emotionaly but legaly. This is your case, your cause, your fight not of A.K.Dogar so Read the constitution of Pakistan, Search for the the similar type of cases in which relief is granted by the court (any country), collect evidences, intimate and discuss it with your lawyer, find and search for legal grounds as court acts on canons of Law. so in my personal opinion, concentrate your efforts in right direction in order to achieve glorious success.

May ALLAH bless all of you.
"Every Accomplishment Starts With The DECISION To TRY..."
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Ednan, I have lodged my complaint with federal ombudsman and what more I have written a letter today to Dawn in which while requesting the authorities concerned I requested salman farouqi directly to take notice.
Here is my letter at the end of this post.
Whatever Desire said is absolutely correct. FPSC works independently and they have their own lawyer to defend it from criticisms raised against the commission.
I request Desire to keep visiting this thread regularly and keep enlightening us and guiding us.
My letter is here. I request all to write similar letters and send to:,,,,, and other addresses if you know.

I cent per cent agree with Dr. Amer Jamil's revolutionary idea (Some Suggestions, published 31st May 2013, Dawn) that the qualification criterion for sitting the CSS exam must be changed. It is as much ironic as it is pathetic that anyone with a bachelor's degree can join civil service of Pakistan by taking the CSS exam while those who are highly qualified and are holding higher professional degrees are denied the opportunity under the pretext of age limit. The requirement of only a bachelor's degree for the CSS exam is in fact stopping students from acquiring further education in our country where already the literacy rate is biting the dust. FPSC has admitted in its annual reports that they have failed in attracting the cream, the top brass students from the universities most of whom opt to leave for abroad in search of better options. Few years back FPSC's research director Mian Muhammad Sarwar after a thorough academic research had announced the intention of the Commission to enhance the qualification criterion for CSS exam from bachelors to at least 16 years education with accompanying 5 years general age relaxation. He announced the good news while addressing a gathering in Faisalabad university. I don't know who silenced him afterwards. There seems to be a powerful, anti-Pakistan lobby in action against the reforms in Civil service of Pakistan so to keep us bound to the lasting remnants of the British Raj for centuries to come. It is time to think out of the box and take radical steps while reforming and modernizing the civil service of Pakistan. I request the authorities concerned, especially the Federal Ombudsman Mr. Salman Faruoqi to investigate into the matter and enhance the qualification criterion in the CSS exam so that better, more competent, more professional candidates can join the bureaucratic set up of their country.
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The air is full of many voices, each suggesting or demanding a move towards a particular direction, rejecting all options and calling all alternatives empty and fruitless. My dear Mystic, although I didn’t want to comment further on the issue, which you have been championing for almost a year i.e. age relaxation up to 35 years, ground realities and your words compelled me to express what I feels.

I want to make clear one thing at the very moment: I have no intentions to create division or cleavage among the strivers; I just want to ask them for thinking on the basis of reasoning, not emotions.

Every reality has its bases and grounds and can only be grasped through them. As far as I know, a little attempt has been done to look beyond and behind what we see, and to explore the factors which govern the decision making process in the federal bureaucracy and the Senate.

Everyone knows that prior to 28 years maximum age restriction, until 2001, the age limit had been confined and unchallenged to 30 years of maximum age for almost 54 years. Interestingly, in the meanwhile no one, as afar as I know, argued in the favor of increasing that age limit up to 35 years. So, now which factor is compelling the aspirants of age relaxation for advancing 35 years relaxation arguments, instead of 30 years? The reply is simple:

‘The former PM Gilani has advanced that relaxation to all federal BPS 17-21 ex-cadre posts in 2011,except for the competitive examination.’

This argument is also the cornerstone of the LHC petition. It is valid, justifiable and pursuable; consequently, the LHC registrar granted the request the status of petition. The argument is logical; notwithstanding, asking for the competitive examination to be treated at par seems illogical and nurturing false hopes.

Why I am saying so! Do I have any illusion! Or am I pessimist enough? Lets see what is advanced.

Participation requirement in the competitive examination is graduation. On average, a child starts schooling at the age of 5 years, at 16 completes matriculation and normally at 19 acquires an intermediate status. Now if a 2 years graduation degree is pursued, it can be acquired at the age of 22; if four years graduation degree is pursued; it can be acquired at the age of 24. However, make these statistics more lenient and add one extra year at the beginning; still, the count reaches at the age of 26. Now look the matter from another angle for those who acquire masters degree and still, the count remains in the boundary of 27 years of age.

From this point of view, 30 years maximum age restriction would be quite reasonable as it was before.

Furthermore, when the 28 years maximum age restriction was enacted no university was awarding 4 years graduation degree and majority of graduates had 2 years graduation degrees. Now much has changed as almost every university is awarding 4 years degree which requires 2 extra years to acquire, and still it could be completed within 20-25 years of age bracket.

However, in order to encourage the masters and 4 years graduation degree holders, the FPSC must enhance the age limit up to 30 years and for a 2 years simple graduation degree it must be restricted at 28 years of maximum age.

As per the 35 years age relaxation argument, if a person is inducted in the bureaucracy at the age of 34 or 35 how many years he or she will serve considering the present retiring age and expenses of government to train these bureaucrats is again in question! Moreover, 30-35 years of age bracket is a domain for male candidates to strive for making themselves set in their particular fields, instead of looking for new ventures. Notwithstanding, for female candidates the maximum age limit could be extended up to 35 years (it is merely my opinion), but not for male candidates.

It is also interesting to note that in all S. Asian countries, maximum age limit for such examinations is 30 years, neither 35 nor 28. In our country we are facing a massive youth bulge in the age cohort of 20-30. The same argument was the reason for rejection of the age extension summaries up to 30 years, moved by the FPSC to the former PM twice. However, the decision makers missed a very important point which is deeply ingrained in ‘youth bulge or young blood’ argument: there is a youth bulge of specified age cohort, but how many graduates in it and their age structure should be considered before making such important policy decisions. Commonsense or careful assessment, whatever is used, by seeing at the above provided statistics will certainly put more weight on age limit extension up to 30 years.

Decision makers and even ordinary people like me must asses ‘graduates age structure’ argument and then decide in the favor of 28, 30 or 35 years of age relaxation.

Now lets come to the LHC petition side. Several aspirants have contributed financially and morally in it. This petition, as I said earlier, is based on legitimate argument i.e. victimization of CSS over-aged aspirants and violation of their fundamental rights, which have been granted under article 25 of the constitution. This is a rare and golden opportunity for us. It must not be wasted. By asking 35 years of relaxation is like treating the competitive examination at par with other federal 17 grade posts, and in my humble opinion, the court, FPSC and even the PM would not allow such massive extension.

Every case in courts is fought on the basis of rational arguments, evidence and precedents. In this case, if an ordinary person like me can bring such ordinary arguments, what the legal team of the FPSC will do to defend the case is again a dark area. Those people who have contributed their hard earned earnings to pay the fees of lawyer, must ask questions from those who have been championing and motivating others to support the cause financially for almost nothing as the case is overwhelmed to move even an inch due to two basic problems.

Firstly, until now it is hanging like a pendulum: except issuing notice and acquiring provisional permission for over-aged candidates nothing concrete has been done so far. The petition was lodged and the matter became sub judiced. Even an ordinary student of law knows that it is like a stay order. On 24th of May, over several contacts and persuasions, Mr. A.A Dogar reminded the judge, Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan, regarding the matter. Once again a final notice was issued to the FPSC regarding the provisional status of the over-aged candidates who have taken CE-2013. Its hearing, as far as I know, is scheduled on 24 or 25th of June. My point behind this prologue is that if the petitioners or the aspirants who have contributed finically or other age relaxation aspirants do not persuade or in other words pressurize the lawyer for early hearings and early resolution, the case tenure will be as long as the Satan’s intestine.

Secondly, it must be centered towards realistic and achievable objectives. I will say once again that striving for 35 years of maximum age relaxation for participation in the competitive examination is like nurturing false hopes. Furthermore, no candidate who has contributed financially or those who are willing to do the same, make further financial pledges to this lawyer or to those who are arguing in his favor.

Those people who say that advancing arguments based on reasoning is like deceiving others and are actually motivated by self-interest are, in real sense, living in utopia. In its response I may ask, with due respect, what would they do if the FPSC or the court rejects such massive extension by saying that federal and competitive examination could not be treated at par or something wrong was done in the past and it sustenance in present cannot make it right? Haven’t they staked the future of those aspirants who are asking only 30 years of legitimate age relaxation? Haven’t they staked hard earned financing of sincere aspirants for an illusion? Aren’t they self-centered and deceiving others by raising false hopes in others merely for their own advantage (God knows the nature of advantage)? Whether we would have been granted 35 years of age relaxation or 30 years, in both cases I will be at a win-win situation. So there is no question of self-interest, at least in my case.

Only time will tell us who was right; unfortunately, we do not enjoy the liberty of time. The threats lour more darkly. The twilight is deeper. The aftermath has come and relentlessly demands the price of what has gone before. We are merely wasting a rare and golden opportunity. Finally I would say that many things expressed in the above lines may displease some aspirants; some things may displease many aspirants. These are not fears, but expectations. Anyway, come what may!
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Default Cuttings from newspapers

Indian Administrative service: Repeated attempts are allowed up to four times for General Merit candidates, seven times for OBC candidates. There is no bar on the number of attempts for SC/ST candidates. The upper age limit to attempt the examination is 35 for SC/ST and 30 years for the General Merit Candidate. The candidate should not be older than 30 years of age as on 1 August of that year. The minimum age is 21 years.
Upper age limit relaxation is provided to candidates as follows:

A maximum of three years for OBC candidates [Non Creamy Layer only]
A maximum of three years in case of Defence Services personnel disabled in operations during hostilities with any foreign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof
A maximum of five years for candidates belonging to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe
A maximum of five years if a candidate had ordinarily been domiciled in the State of Jammu & Kashmir during the period from 1 January 1980 to 31 December 1989
A maximum of five years in case of ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least five years Military Service as on 1 August and have been released on either of the following basis:
on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within one year from 1 August) otherwise than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency
on account of physical disability attributable to Military Service
on invalidment
A maximum of five years in case of ECOs/SSCOs who have completed an initial period of assignment of five years Military Service as on 1 August and whose assignment has been extended beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defence issues a certificate that they can apply for civil employment and that they will be released on three months notice on selection from the date of receipt of offer of appointment.
A maximum of ten years in case of blind, deaf-mute and orthopaedically handicapped persons

Bangladesh Civil Service Examination
A) Total No. of Cadres
BCS Exams are held for 28 different cadres.

B) Eligibility
i) 21 to 30 years (for General candidates)
ii) 21 to 32 years:
a) for Freedom Fighter's Children and Health cadre,
b) tribal candidates for only general education cadre.

Moscow: Putin signs law extending civil service age limit to 70 years.
Pesident raises age requirement for top officials to 70 years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the law that extends the age limit for the civil service employees to 70 years, the Kremlin website reported. The law was passed by the State Duma lower house of parliament on December 19 and approved by the Federation Council upper house on December 26, 2012.
Thus the law amends the Federal Law of 2004, according to which the age limit for the civil service employees was 60 years.

United Kingdom: Retirement Age in UK may rise to 70. A new "default" retirement age of 70 could come into force under the raft of measures to be unveiled by Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt.
They include a ban on firms advertising jobs only for "young and energetic" people and moves to stop companies refusing to give elderly staff promotion and training opportunities on the grounds of age.
The proposals will also allow workers aged over 65 to claim unfair dismissal.
Mrs Hewitt will state that age discrimination costs the economy £16 billion each year because it limits the number of people in the employment market.

Islamabad: The Government of Pakistan is moving ahead to give decision for changing retirement age limit from 60 year to 63 year for men and from 55 year to 60 year for women government employees.

Civil service UK: Our initial entry requirements are surprisingly simple. As long as you meet our nationality requirements, to join most Fast Stream schemes all you need is a second-class degree in any subject, and it doesn't matter how long ago you graduated. There is no age limit (though, of course, departments expect several years’ service before retirement).
The reason we are so open is that it’s your skills, attitude and outlook we are really interested in. These are what we look for in our selection process.

What is the maximum age limit for appearing in civil services examinations?
my age is 39 i want to appear in civil services exam .Is there any age limit for this?
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
For Civil Service Job , one must be a U.S. citizen, at least 21 years of age, no maximum age limit. One can enter U.S civil service at any age. No age discrimination is allowed whatsoever.
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My dear friend, with due care and respect of your feelings, I once again say that court’s business doesn’t work on emotions, but facts.

You have provided an example of Indian Civil Services (IAS). I think you haven’t read its rules carefully. Let me make them vivid and understandable for you.

OBC means other backward classes.
SC means Schedule caste or low caste
ST means Schedule tribes

These above mentioned categories are treated as special case and are offered special benefits. For general public like us the age limit is still 30 there too.

As far as the special treatment of above mentioned categories is concerned, in Pakistan too, tribal areas, Gilgit-Baltistan, residents of Azad Kashmir are offered such treatment. Not the general public.

You must provide these references to those who are fighting their case for treatment of every Pakistani at par. No benefits for tribal, Baluchistan areas, or Azad Kashmir. Here in this case they are irrelevant and do not supporting 35 years of age relaxation arguments.

Links are here; anyone can access them and see the rules of IAS.

“”””“Repeated attempts are allowed up to four times for General Merit candidates, seven times for OBC candidates. There is no bar on the number of attempts for SC/ST candidates. The upper age limit to attempt the examination is 35 for SC/ST and 30 years for the General Merit Candidate. The candidate should not be older than 30 years of age as on 1 August of that year. The minimum age is 21 years.””””””

Secondly, you are providing examples of Russia, UK and USA. I know my dear sir you are at liberty in collecting references from all around the world to support your arguments which you are championing for more than a year. There is nothing wrong in it; however, they must support local ground realities too.

Their population statistics must be kept in mind and then compared with Pakistan’s statistics. It is an undeniable reality; we are facing a massive youth bulge, a double edged sword, an opportunity as well as a threat. We have to live, serve and die here. Consequently, decisions are to be made over local ground realities, not the borrowed one.

Thirdly, you say that it is a choice of voters in the USA to join the civil services in which age they want. They reject age restriction. Wow!!!! The matter is resolved.

Let me tell you what I am thinking. I watched in a documentary that a 70 years old woman made a record through paragliding and jumping from 2500 feet higher mountain. I wonder, if I find the logic of your argument absolutely correct then I must allow my grandmother to do the same.

After all, as far as I inference from your arguments and supportive details,

Fourthly, you have mentioned that the federal government was thinking about increasing the retiring age. Lets pray they do so and you will see, I will be the one filling a petition in the supreme court for increasing the CSS age limit up to 35 years based on the increased retiring age. The only condition is, let it happen. At present, it is like air in castles.

Originally Posted by sadaf ambreen View Post
The case is in court. Why you people are fighting. Court won't be reading this thread. Whom are you people trying to convince? You yourself are not United on this matter, how will you fight against fpsc ? Keep discussing and wasting your time, efforts and energy in wrong directions.
You people are thinking of extremes why 30 or 35 years ,why not 33 years as in case of ppsc
You are absolutely right.This is a wastage of energies. I also don't like to waste my energy and time. I only responded over the words of honorable Mr.Mystic. read his posts. He says I am deceiving people; I am motivated by self-interest.

Neither I have any intention to deceive others nor I am motivated by my self-interests. I just wanted to respond over his words.

Anyway, It is a golden and rare chance which must be capitalized. Those people who are in Lahore or adjoining area must meet the lawyer and acquire first hand information. Pressurize and persuade him for early hearings and resolution. otherwise, God-forbid, the tenure of resolution will be as long as the Satan's intestine.

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Our petition is asking for 35 years. Ill get a chance even if it is raised to 32. But I'm in favour of increased age limit because many members would benefit from 35 and 35 means more candidates applying and beret competition. If that is bad then let the age limit stay at 28. After all PM Gilani made it clear that they wanted fresh blood. So
Raising the age limit by mere two years won't make a big difference.
And India, Bangladesh are not model countries. If Pakistan wants to become one like UK and USA then it must implement their system. And don't tell me about our courts and other institutions. Judiciary is at no 4, the 4th corrupt institution according to reports submitted by amnesty etc. Hire S. ZAFAR, Akram sheikh, Aitzaz Ahsan, or Barrister zahoor and your age limit will rise to 40 years. That is how courts function. Law is the prostitute of wealth. Raymond Davis, a murderer was not punished, fake degree holders were our ministers, an absconder and corrupt person like salman farouqi was brought from USA by zardari and made secretary general and now federal ombudsman. He had made his brother who was matric failed, sharmila farouqi's father, usman farouqi as chairman of steel mill, they embezzled billions. A murderer like Altaf Hussain controls your whole Karachi and has a great say in national politics, sitting in London and having British passport. Accused minister like Raja pervez Ashraf was your prime minister. They even had a hand in Hajj corruption scandal, Gilani etc were involved in Ephedrine smuggling. And we cannot sit one stupid exam like CSS? My voice will continue against every discrimination, if law is made to benefit masses not to curb their rights. If law is against human rights then law must be changed not the human rights.
what more examples of lawlessnessdo you want? And raising the age limit by few years become against the courts?
Not only age limit, we should raise our voice against every evil because we make Pakistan, we are Pakistan.
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mr naeem bokhari is asking for 1 million to plead this case of age relaxation ,if i had 1 million i wont be doing css, he says that he can only guaruntee that the case will be decided prior to css 2014 and that the case of age relaxation is very strong against FPSC and there is a strong chance to have age relaxation but still he cant guaruntee the result, age limit for pms is 33 years

there is no case filed in islamabad HC by Naeem Bokhari. only one petition in LHC by A K DOGAR and RAI ANSAR, ppl keep questioning about case status without any practical effort

this is the whole conversation with mr imad khan who is a colleague of mr Naeem BOKHARI

start reading it from down to upwards

From: Imad Khan <****>
To: Sadaf Ambreen <****>
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 3:11 PM
Subject: RE: please reply


The best discounted professional fee i can quote is Rs. 1 Million, payable upfront inclusive of everything! Mr. Bokhari also has a Chamber in Lahore and appears in the Lahore High Court regularly. However, if one of you is a resident of Islamabad, the case can also be filed here in Islamabad, otherwise in the LHC. I am really sorry but we dont do installments as the fee is payable upfront and in cash. I can also not comment on how long the Court will take but this i can tell you that if you do decided to go ahead and hire us, inshallah it will be decided before the 2014 CSS session / examinations.



Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:10:57 -0700
From: ****
Subject: Re: please reply
To: ****

kindly tell the fees in total and how much will be payable before case? you belong to Islamabad as per my knowledge, will you file the case in LHC or IHC? and any rough estimate of how long will it take to get a court decision? as we all, the aspirants of css 2014 belong to middle class and are job doers, if there can be any feasible mode of payment (in 3 or 4 installments ) that will be very kind of you

Thanks & Regards,

Sadaf Ambreen
College of Management & Administrative Sciences
Government College University, Faisalabad
MBA (finance) gold medalist
Virtual University of Pakistan
Email: ****

From: Imad Khan
To: "****"
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 3:42 PM
Subject: RE: please reply


Please rest assured that our chamber handles cases professionally, diligently and to the best of our abilities! We have also handled a some what similar case in the Islamabad High Court and gotten our client relief i.e he was able to sit in the CSS 2013 examinations after exceeding the age limit of 28. From what i understand, the appropriate forum for your case is the High Court and not the Supreme Court. Now coming to the fee, i am sorry but the professional fee is payable upfront and in cash. Hoping to hear from you soon.


To: ****
From: ****
Subject: Re: please reply
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 19:11:41 +0500

I am not asking u to do anything free of cost. Of course, I will pay the fees. As you know Mr A K Dogar already has filed this petition in LHC in September 2012 but now he perhaps is busy in some other case.he is saying that he will revert to the case in may after election but that's not sure. But I want to know a rough estimate of the expense so that we the aspirants of CSS 2014 will arrange that money. Also whether this case is decideable by high court or supreme court. And
Also we want the decision prior to CSS 2014 expected to be held in February/ March 2014. We want the lawyer to handle our case on priority basis. We are not asking lawyer to plead our case only and not any other case but Atleast in a timely manner. As for our case, time is the most important thing for we are aged 28 and don't want that till the case gets decided we turn 30 , then the age relaxation will be useless for us.
Also if there is any possibility to pay the fees in 3 or 4 installments during the case or half before the case and half afterwards
Hope you understand my point
Sent from my HTC

----- Reply message -----
From: "Imad Khan" <***>
To: "Sadaf Ambreen" <****>
Subject: please reply
Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2013 3:28 pm


What you are asking for cannot be done pro-bono. If you wish to engage Mr. Bokhari professionally, then that is a separate issue! Please do bear in mind that he is an expensive attorney.



Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 14:56:10 -0700
From: ****
Subject: please reply

Respected sir,
My letter is related to CSS candidates’ age relaxation.I wish to file a petition in LHC/Supreme Court for age relaxation for CSS on the basis of following grounds:

Prior to Musharraf government , the age limit for CSS was 30 years of age Musharraf regime seized the power through military coup back in 1999, the best strategy for the regime was to control the government institutions and public offices effectively. Tightening the age limit was also one of the tools which were applied to block the entry of competent persons through this perilous process of examination.
I want the honorableSC to enhance the age limit for CSS to 35 years and qualification criteria to at least 16 years. Most of the universities are offering now four years graduation program i.e. candidates are getting 16 years of education as compared to previously 14 years of education.
This will help to cut down unnecessary training costs abroad for the people of this mature age would also bring some experience coupled with expertise with them to run the business of state effectively.
It is beyond logic that why government is reluctant to take competent people on-board by just removing a restriction imposed by a dictator, even though candidates would secure their seats on competition basis. Why government is not allowing them to take just exam and prove their competency?

Age restriction was imposed on about a decade ago, since then education system have undergone a number of changes e.g.
· Now universities are offering FOUR YEARS GRADUATION PROGRAM. To complete this education, one has to study four years, therefore, 28 years of age makes no sense.
· Secondly, after completion of education a number of candidates join private sector to eke out their living and to support their families. How is it possible for an average middle class to continue the studies without supporting his or her family? In 2008, SPSC has given 10 years of age relaxation to aspirant to appear in exam and prove their competency, as a result a number of candidates appeared and only handful of ‘best of the best’ could make it. What’s a problem with CSS exam?
· On 24, June 2010, Establishment division had issued an Office Memorandum (No: 9/2/91-R-5), as ‘Most Immediate’ was mentioned on it, regarding Clarification on general age relaxation of upper limit prescribed in recruitment rule. In this memorandum, the general age relaxation is given for five years to all posts except through CSS. No one could understand the reason or logic behind this decision. Why the whole government seems reluctant to let aspirant compete and take best of the best on board? The point#2 of this office memorandum is read as:
“2- In light of the recommendation of the Senate Standing Committee, the Ministries/Divisions/Departments are advised that hence-forth, the concession of 5 years general relaxation in upper age limit shall be clubbed with the maximum age limit of the post in their advertisements. In case usual upper age limit of posts in various Basic Pay Scales is as in column (2) below, the maximum age limit shall be as in column (4) below:”
It is quite ridiculous that, the BPS 17 person of ex-cadre is given 5 years age relaxation and age limit is already set 30 years but for the CSS exam, age is restricted to 28!
Age Limit
General Age Relaxation
Maximum Age Limit
25 years
+5 years
30 years
28 years
+5 years
33 years
30 years
+5 years
35 years
35 years
+5 years
40 years
40 years
+5 years
45 years
45 years
+5 years
50 years
50 years
+5 years
55 years
· Age limit for CSS exam is a direct ban on higher education, as after reduction in upper age limit in 2001, HEC has produced more than 15,000 PhDs but none of those high qualified could appear in CSS examination due to upper age limit. Similarly, lawyers, doctors and other qualified person who have acquired higher education are also deprived of CSS competition due to upper age limit.
· Pakistani society is a heterogeneous society in which most of candidates belong to poor and middle class families. They cannot avail three chances of CSS examination up to 28 years as they have to get educated as well as support their families.
· It is also worth mentioning that the FPSC has recommended at least 10 books for each paper and there are 12 papers in CSS examination. So, the total number of books is 120 or more. It is impossible for a middle class or poverty stricken candidate to buy these books and then study these books till the age of 28.
· It is a well settled principle that rules and policies should be made according to the situation and condition of public at large and not according to condition of few. The CSS age limit must be fixed keeping in view majority of poor candidate
· It is also worth noting that the Pakistani education system is not uniform. Can a candidate of public sector schooling system compete with a candidate of private sector schooling system? The answer is no. They need more time to prepare.
· The most important point is that the unemployment and exploitation of youth can make lead them into the hands of terrorists.
· Age relaxation to government servants is a severe violation of fundamental rights of our constitution because this means inequality of all citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Only a few people have government jobs while majority have jobs in private sector. So, this must be for both or none. Also, age relaxation is given to few areas and not to the whole country.
· Recently, age relaxation has been given to PMS candidates in Punjab. The decision of honorable judge Syed Mansoor Ali Shah for PMS age relaxation narrates, “As to appear in PMS, no previous experience is a requirement to apply. So, the relaxation given to government employees violates the rights of a common citizen. So, the relaxation should also be applied to general candidate who is not in public service.”
· Not only this, all provinces have given general age relaxation in all combined competitive examination, except those held under FPSC.
· The National Security Council under the supervision of former President Pervez Musharraf reduced the age limit for candidates appearing in CSS examination on general seats from 30 to 28 years, for backward areas’ candidates from 33 to 30; and for government employees with two years continuous service from 35 to 30. It is also worth noticing that most of the Musharraf’s orders are declared by government as “null and void” but this order still exists.
· For other jobs under FPSC, the age limit is 35 years. The same should be for CSS as it is a clear violation of fundamental rights. Also, age relaxation to the candidates belonging to only some specific areas of the country is also a clear violation of fundamental rights.
· A candidate of 21 years is most probably not fully mature for civil services. Examples from history are evident of the same fact. So, in order to recruit fully mature candidates and to avoid rot memory, upper age limit should be increased.
The government should also give at least five years age relaxation for CSS in order to avoid brain drain.
· India and Bangladesh has age limit of 21 to 30 but they facilitate to have maximum participation for it is the democratic right of every ‘capable and competent’ person to serve his or her country. Please see below the criteria of both neighboring countries; India and Bangladesh.
i. A candidate must have attained 21 years and not be over 30 years on August 1 of the year of examination.
ii. The upper age limit is relaxed in specific cases as mentioned below:
a. upto a maximum of 5 years if the candidate belongs to SC/ST.
b. upto a maximum of 3 years if the candidate belongs to Other Backward Classes.
c. upto a maximum of 5 years if the candidate had been domiciled in Jammu & Kashmir during the period between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1989.
d. upto a maximum of 3 years in the case of Defense Services personnel disabled during hostilities with foreign countries or in a disturbed area a nd consequently released.
e. upto a maximum of 5 years in the case of ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs / SSCOs who have rendered at least five years Military Service as on August 1 of the year of examination and have been released:
o on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within one year from August 1 of the year of examination) otherwise than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, or
on account of physical disability attributable to Military Service, or on invalidment.
f. upto a maximum of 5 years in the case of ECOs / SSCOs who have completed an initial period of assignment (5 years Military Service) as on August 1 of the year of examination and whose assignment has been extended beyond 5 years. Such candidates will have to provide a certificate from the Ministry of Defense stating that they can apply for civil employment and they will be released on a notice of 3 months, upon selection, from the date of receipt of offer of appointment.
g. upto a maximum of 10 years in the case of blind, deaf-mute and orthopedically handicapped candidates.
If not a child of a freedom fighter or a candidate for health cadre, the age should be between 21 to 30 years on the first day of advertisement year.
• If the candidate is a child of a freedom fighter or he/she is a candidate for health cadre, the age should be between 21 to 32 years on the first day of advertisement year.
• If the candidate is a scheduled tribal group member, the age should be between 21 to 32 years on the first day of advertisement year.

· Moreover, there should be elimination of the restriction according to which only three chances are allowed. There are thousands of candidates who are still under 28 year of age, but for one reason or the other could not clear the exam. Especially those who have qualified all the stages (written, psychological and interview/viva voice) but are not allocated to any occupational group. Let the competent be given at least a chance of fair competition in a country like ours where mockery of the merit seems to be a prevailing principle for government service.

Thanks & Regards,

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Default @Ayeshha

Yes the real problem is the lawyer`s fee. As mentioned by Naeem Bukhari`s assistant that the case for 5 years general age relaxation is very strong and Naeem Bukhari can win it and the decision will come before CSS 2014. But we go silent when it comes to paying the fee. It took us a long time to contribute and collect 1 lac plus and file the petition in Lahore High Court. The reason the case there is taking so long is that Mr. AK Dogar is a high profile lawyer and he was asking for at least 6 Lacs but Rai Ansar is himself a lawyer so he requested him again and again on our behalf to take our case and that we would try to pay him more. If we had paid AK Dogar his full fee in time, we would be having 5 years age relaxation for CSS 2013 right away. The day Mr. AK Dogar filed the petition, the same day the news appeared on Geo and Samaa news channels and the next day the news was all over the newspapers that A.K Dogar had filed the petition in Lahore High court for 5 years general age relaxation under Article 25 of the constitution of pakistan. That is the power of hiring a high profile lawyer. But later we couldnt pay him more so he was reluctant to appear before the court and that is why many months passed and we have no result yet.
Imagine if we could hire S.M Zafar, or NasruMinallah, Aitzaz Ahsan, Akram sheikh? Our case would have been decided in few days by supreme court in our favour. That is a guarantee. But the minimum fee of those lawyers happen to be 3 and 4 millions. And as Sadaf very cleverly remarked that those who have that much money to pay to the lawyer, why would they go for CSS in the first place? Naeem Bukhari is charging 1 million for filing the petition in LHC. For Supreme court he would charge at least 2 million. But as he insisted that the issue of age relaxation is a minor one and could be easily won on the high court level. Because the discrimination is blatant. Exams for FIA, IB, ISI, etc are also very very competitive. Now dont tell me that CSS happens to be more transparent or more competitive. We know the recent papers scandal that occurred in Faisalabad, and FPSC tried to suppress the issue but Ansar Abbasi raised the issue and then others followed. Such has been happening God knows since when.
Lets hope and wait for the next hearing in LHC. If A.K Dogar appeared himself before the court and presented his arguments then guys consider it done, he cannot lose it.
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Originally Posted by Syeda Tehreem Rizvi View Post
How lawyer can guarantee? hve u discussed? actually I hve not participated in the previous my age allows my only 1 chance...quite discouraging....plz talk him over phone or provide me his #.
Originally Posted by Syeda Tehreem Rizvi View Post
actually i am syng the same thng...lawyers r vry selfish ppl.....they use delay tactics and excuses.....wht would b the guarantee that he would surely bring dzired relief after taking money.........
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Right we should support Rai Ansar. Anyone talked with Rai Ansar recently? What he says about the appearance of AK dogar on June 26?
@ Syeda: Assistant of Naeem Bukhari is not lying. In fact he invited us to visit him in his chamber and even talk with Naeem Bukhari if we have decided to hire Naeem Bukhari.
Anyone, please go and see Imad Khan, assistant to Naeem Bukhari.
But seeing him is of no use if we cannot pay the required amount that is one million.
Yes syeda if you can pay the lawyer's fee as mentioned then it is guaranteed that you will get what you want. In shahzeb murder case, the killer shahrukh jatoi will be released or get very little punishment just because he has loads of money to give to lawyers. Despite the fact that Shahzeb's father is deputy superintendent of police.
So we don't have a murder case to defend, it is a small issue: we just want to sit an exam.
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