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Werewolf Thursday, October 17, 2013 03:03 AM

Ebooks and notes for CSS aspirants
Dear Aspirants,
I have made this thread specially to share the soft-copies of miscellaneous CSS related stuff.

First of all,
following is the link for EDS 15 year past papers Units, Short definitions and Abbreviations,
pardon faded ink. this is why i do not recommend fountain pen for CSS exams.


I'l share more stuff in my upcoming posts.

Hope this would help :)

Werewolf Thursday, October 17, 2013 03:50 AM

English Vocab
this post is exclusively for english vocab

i am sharing with you an audio package for enhancing your vocabulary. these are 100 mini clips of around 5 minutes each, and in each clip 5 new words, their pronunciation, spelling and usage is taught.
you just have to listen to these clips on your cell phone or PC, and you will learn without much effort.

for sample, i am sharing its intro clip and clip no.1 separately. if you like them, then download the whole package :)

1. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/jd75c9d8juo2hab/000_intro.mp3[/url]
2. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/0q6qlfk93qli9l6/001_cardinal%2C_figment%2C_muse%2C_negligible%2C_reproach.mp3[/url]


For those who prefer reading books, following is the link for a vocab book

Enjoy :)

Werewolf Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:15 PM

Sample essay, Idioms and Pak: affairs
Hey guys, i wrote a sample essay after attempting my exams, and got it checked from my former English teacher. while doing that, I tried my best to diffuse it with all the essentials of a good essay that I consider necessary.
Give it a reading and grasp the knowledge + technique.



Following is the link for a book of idioms.



For Pakistan affairs (post partition) + interview, i have an awesome book which will not only give you proper knowledge but, also it will help you in opinion building. Pakistan (by Anatol Lieven)


Imran khan too wrote a book on Pakistan i.e "Pakistan, a personal history"
following is its link,


Hope these would help :)

Werewolf Thursday, October 17, 2013 04:27 PM

Correction of Errors and change of narration 2001-2010
I had solved the 'correction of errors' and the 'change of narration' questions from English Precis papers (CE-2001 to CE-2010); and got them checked form my teacher, Sir Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Imran.

Most of the times, the concept of these questions is repeated though, the wording is changed. So, if you understand the concept, you can tackle any sentence that has same type of error etc.

i am sharing with you those notes. i did not scan them rather, i captured their pics and turned them into a PDF. but as long as they are legible, they are good to go.

black ink = CORRECTION


moreover, narration question is not asked every year, so, they are fewer in number.

hope this would help :)

Werewolf Friday, October 18, 2013 01:14 AM

Psychology, Geography and GK

For psychology, i have 2 books, both are more than just awesome :)
1. Understanding Psychology (Glencoe)

2. Psychology 4th ed (neil...)

but, schools of thought of psychology would not be found in these books, so i have made notes for that, here,

all the schools are enlisted, but only 4 major ones are illustrated in these notes. the remaining could be covered partly from those books.



An awesome atlas... try it, you would love it

now, the books for geography,

1. Geosystems, an intro to physical geography 8th ed: (Pearson)

2. introducing physical geography 5th ed: (Alan Strahler)

3. Gabler Physical Geography 9th ed:

4. Arbogast, Discovering Physical Geography



1. National Geographic fast facts about our world.

2. Usborne, complete book of the Human Body

Hope these would help :)

Werewolf Thursday, October 24, 2013 01:57 PM

[B]British History Notes[/B]

Apart from Hard copy books like Sheikh Muhammad Qayum and PC Thomas for British History, there are some some soft copy books too.
here i am sharing 3 of them.

1 is a normal PDF file and it could be opened in your PC or cellphone (via adobe reader), remaining books are EPUB (Electronic PUBlication), so to read them download some EPUB reader.

1. The.Complete.Idiot's.Guide.to.European.History (a European History book, also helpful in British History)

1. History of Modern Britain - Andrew Marr

2. Brief History of Britain

Hope these would help :)

Werewolf Thursday, October 24, 2013 01:57 PM


I made EDS notes during my preparation, comprising around 400 pages.
i tried my best to scan them all but due to some technical issues with my scanner i captured the pics of all pages and converted them into a PDF file.
owing to the length of notes, i will upload them in 3 parts so that uploading and downloading might not be cumbersome.

1st Part from beginning to page 141 (end of a section).
they may seem a bit dim and may be sometimes a bit misaligned (spherically) which is normal for camera result. but, i have tried my best to make them as legible and clear as possible.

here you go: (start to pg. 141)


2nd part is from page 142 to page 295.
for those readers who have outdated LCD or CRT monitors, these notes might seem a bit dim, sorry for that.
Solution: increase brightness of your monitor.

here you go.


The 3rd and last part, from page 296 to page 393 (end).

Here you go :)



Summing up all the stuff of EDS, the complete package (only handwritten) link is



and this concludes "The MEGA PROJECT" ;)

Good luck Comrades ;)

Werewolf Friday, October 25, 2013 11:58 AM

Islamiat Interactive Encyclopedia

Hey guys, i have got an awesome stuff for Islamiat,
its an .exe file and you don't need to install it. just run it, it's interactive.
it covers numerous topics like,
"Social Solidarity & Social Security in Islam"
"Islamic Banking System"
"Is it Islam alone that allows polygamy?" etc etc

just scroll down at home page and get surprised by the variety of topics ;)
awesome illustration and authentic quotations :)
it wont cover conventional topics like "translation of last 10 Surahs" etc

here you go:


For translation, this is Quran viewer (software)


Hope these would help :)

sana ajmal Friday, September 12, 2014 07:42 PM

Dear Werewolf!!
i am appearing in CE-2015 and my optional subjects are
indo pak history
would u kindly suggest me books for indo pak history pre independence period (712-1857) and from (1857-1970)
and also for regional geography including south asia....

Werewolf Monday, September 22, 2014 10:45 PM

[QUOTE=sana ajmal;756316]Dear Werewolf!!
i am appearing in CE-2015 and my optional subjects are
indo pak history
would u kindly suggest me books for indo pak history pre independence period (712-1857) and from (1857-1970)
and also for regional geography including south asia....

Dear, for Indo-Pak, you may check "From Makkah to Nuclear Pakistan" by Abdur Rashid.
It wasn't my subject, but i like this book and it covers the syllabus.
For Geography, i have uploaded a few books in this same thread. check them, and study selectively.
And your subjects are potentially high scoring. the rest depends on your efforts and luck ;)

Good Luck :)

06:47 AM (GMT +5)

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