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Old Saturday, November 21, 2009
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shahkhan1982 is on a distinguished road
Default Am very down ,, can any body uplift me ,,???

Salam to all,
Seniors , i have a very bad story of 2009 attempt,even do not deserve to say
" I Attempted 2009 "
anyhow that's over,,,and over,,,,i don't want to stay in 2009.
please now my prob is, 2010 is my 2nd but last too, due to age limit and am not prepare to say that i am going to attempt,,
please please make it easy for me to feel free and let me be there in 2010 final qualifiers... i just want to burn the boats,,, but i am alone , no study group no friends etc etc to whom i can call they are with me in this way..
C-Law, Pub Add and Every Day Science was below 30 and both English were above 30.
Indo Pak and Pol Science were so good.
please please help me,,,am going to be mad in a way to decide what to do and what not to do...
Should be change C Law and Pub Add or not ?
and how me can get my position secure or achieve my target
( 700 written target ) in just 3 months.....
So please all my honorable seniors i do request you all help out me please and make me little comfort ..Mumtaz Hayat Manika sb, Lala (last year topper) and all those who have done this and know how to hit this,,,,,,please guide me please help out me,,,i have no time,,,i do hope all of you will make me easy soon...
best regards,take Care
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Old Saturday, November 21, 2009
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Mumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to beholdMumtaz Hayat Maneka is a splendid one to behold

Hello and AoA Shahkhan sahib

I hope you are in the best of your spirits .

Coming back to the topic at hand.

As you say that you have done very well in Indo-Pak History and Political science then there is no need to change them. I am amazed to see that you have scored in 30's in Constitutional Law as in 2009 the examiner was changed and we notice candidates scoring in the range of 65-70. Therefore all i can infer is that there might have been some problem in handling the questions. I strongly advise you to stick to Political Science. Public Administration is a highly unpredictable subject. I suggest it's high time you changed it. You can have a look at the course of International Law or Muslim Law and jurisprudence.

EDS Paper was tough this year, but still above average candidates managed to bad 55-60 in EDS.So i guess you need to rethink your preparation strategy as far as EDS in concerned. Skim through the past papers, look for important questions and definitions and prepare them.

As far as English is concerned, your situation is alarming. As far as i see the examiners were really lenient in 2008 and 2009 and if you have scored in 30's in both papers there must be some deficiency in your English. I suggest you go to some professional English teacher and try to iron out your mistakes.

Best wishes

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Old Saturday, November 21, 2009
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shahkhan1982 is on a distinguished road

W/S & Thanku Sir Mankia sb.
i was xpecting a fast reply by u sir,,,,thanku,,
Sir one of my friend was saying me to change Pub Add with Punjabi...according to him Pub Add is hard to above 60 and punjabi can be like that am still confused..
Sir truely speaking 3 months are for me like 3 weeks,,,and i cant prepare my whole subjects in this short period,,,,,,,,,can any i prepare ? i mean 3 months are enough to hit the objective ? i want me above 700,,, BAS MUJHEY HAR HAAL MEN YEH SAB KRNA HEY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz aap mujhey rah bta den,,chalna mera kam hey,,,
2ndly sir, am afraid usually only you here to reply me......why not other seniors ? Dont they bother if any one is needy ? am not blaming but am just sad.......their kind suggessions can make me and people like me at best attempt.......hena ?
Any way Thanx Sir,,
Best regard
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